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Alberto Cavallo Profile

Alberto Cavallo is the Edgerley Family Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, where he teaches in the Business, Government, and the International Economy unit. He is an NBER faculty research fellow affiliated with the International Finance and Macroeconomics Program, and a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cavallo’s research focuses on the behavior of prices and its implications for macroeconomic measurement, models, and policies. He started using online data to measure inflation and conduct research on high-frequency pricing dynamics during his PhD studies at Harvard. He created Inflación Verdadera in 2007 to measure the real inflation rate in Argentina, and cofounded The Billion Prices Project in 2008 to expand the measurement of online inflation globally. In 2011, he cofounded PriceStats, a private source of inflation and purchasing power parity statistics in over 20 countries.

Cavallo grew up in Argentina. He received a BS from the Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires in 2000, an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2005, and a PhD in economics from Harvard University in 2010. He lives in Cambridge with his wife and two sons.


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