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Claudia Goldin_Profile
Claudia Goldin, Harvard University

Claudia Goldin is the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University. She is the past director of the NBER’s Development of the American Economy Program. An economic historian and labor economist, her research interests include the evolution of gender differences in labor force and earnings, as well as technological change, education, and the earnings distribution.

Jessica Goldberg Profile
Jessica Goldberg, University of Maryland

Jessica A. Goldberg is an associate professor of economics at the University of Maryland. She is a development economist whose research interests include rural labor markets, gender disparities in financial inclusion, and the role of social networks in economic decisions.

Claudia Olivetti Profile
Claudia Olivetti, Dartmouth College

Claudia Olivetti is the George J. Records 1956 Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College. Her research examines the evolving role of women in the labor market, as well as intergenerational mobility, marriage institutions, and the effects of the Baby Boom.

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