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Leah Boustan is a professor of economics at Princeton University.  Her research focuses on issues at the intersection of labor economics and economic history, particularly the consequences of the Great Black Migration after WWII. She has been an NBER affiliate since 2007.


William Collins is the Terence E. Adderly Jr. Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University. His research focuses on 20th century labor markets and cities, including migration, racial disparities, and urban renewal. He has been an NBER affiliate since 1999.

Featured Program Content

This figure is a scatter plot titled, Bank Assets and Speed of Reopening after 1933 Bank Holiday. The y-axis is labeled, difference in assets at banks that reopened sooner vs later. It ranges from negative 10 percent to positive 50 percent, increasing in increments of 10 percent.  The x-axis represents time and ranges from 1929 to 1940, increasing in increments of 1. Each year has one corresponding point. There is a vertical dashed line at 1933 labeled, National bank holiday declared on March 6, 1933. The p
  • Article
To reassure depositors during banking crises, policymakers sometimes extend guarantees that go beyond legal requirements. After the failure of Lehman...
Urbanizing the US: From Agriculture to Manufacturing to Services figure
  • Article
Between 1880 and 1940, the United States experienced two profound changes: a wave of industrialization that reallocated employment away from agriculture...
Working paper figure w30631
  • Article
Between 1890 and 1950, public school systems in states of the deep South were racially segregated by law. Disenfranchisement of Black voters enabled...
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