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Research Programs

All NBER researchers have a primary affiliation in one of 20 research programs. Each program is led by a director or codirectors who shape the group’s research agenda by organizing conferences and overseeing the selection of new affiliates. Most issues of the quarterly NBER Reporter include a detailed report on one program’s recent activities. Several of the most recent program reports are featured below.

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Program Report: International Finance and Macroeconomics Figure
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Affiliates of the International Finance and Macroeconomics (IFM) Program study financial interactions among nations, including cross-border capital flows,...
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Launched in 2007, the NBER’s Environment and Energy Economics (EEE) Program brings together scholars working on environmental, energy, and natural resource...
This figure is a line graph titled Timeline of the Trump Administration’s Tariffs The y-axis is labeled percent and ranges from 1 to 6, increasing in increments of 1. The x-axis represents time and ranges from December 2017 to October 2019, increasing in increments of two months.  There are 8 dashed vertical lines representing eight major waves of tariffs. In order from left to right, those tariffs are: Solar & wash. Mach. (ten billion USD), Steel & alum. (18 billion USD), Steel & alum. CAN, MEX, EU (22 bil
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The International Trade and Investment (ITI) Program holds three regular meetings annually, in winter, spring, and at the NBER Summer Institute. The ITI...

Research Projects

The NBER hosts a wide array of research projects, ranging from short-duration single-investigator research grants to multi-investigator projects that span many years. Some of the larger projects are organized as centers, study groups, or working groups. These administrative structures help to coordinate the activities of multiple research studies that explore related questions.

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The NBER Center for Aging and Health Research has three primary aims. The first is to coordinate research on health and...
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The NBER Retirement and Disability Research Center is one of six Centers funded by cooperative agreement with the...
GDP to RnD
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Science of Science Funding is an NBER initiative, supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which seeks to improve...
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