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Michael Lovenheim is a research associate in the NBER Economics of Education and Public Economics Programs. He is an associate professor in the department of policy analysis and management at Cornell University and is co-editor of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Lovenheim earned his B.A. in economics from Amherst College in 2000 and received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Michigan in 2007. He was a Searle Freedom Trust Postdoctoral Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Research for two years prior to joining the Cornell faculty.

Lovenheim's research focuses on empirical, policy-relevant issues in the economics of education and public finance. In higher education, his research examines questions related to the effect of personal and institutional resources on student outcomes and institutional productivity. Lovenheim also has an active research agenda on teacher labor markets, focusing specifically on teachers unions, performance pay, and teacher pension policies. His research on public economics studies questions related to interstate cigarette and alcohol regulation as well as the nutritional effects of consumption taxes. In addition to his academic research, he recently co-authored, with Sarah Turner, a textbook on the economics of education.


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