The Price Statistics of the Federal Goverment

Price Statistics Review Committee

Published in 1961 by NBER

NBER Program(s):AP, EFG, PR, ME

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0518 pages
ISBN: 0-87014-072-8

Table of Contents

Front matter: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 9 - 20) (bibliographic info) (download)
Summary: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 21 - 22) (bibliographic info) (download)
Introduction: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 23 - 24) (bibliographic info) (download)
General Problems in the Price Index Program of the Federal Government: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 25 - 30) (bibliographic info) (download)
Problems Common to the Indexes: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 31 - 50) (bibliographic info) (download)
The Consumer Price Index: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 51 - 60) (bibliographic info) (download)
The Wholesale Price Index: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 61 - 72) (bibliographic info) (download)
The Indexes of Prices Paid and Received by Farmers: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 73 - 78) (bibliographic info) (download)
Appendix A: Export and Import Price Indexes: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 79 - 86) (bibliographic info) (download)
Appendix B: Construction Price Indexes: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 87 - 94) (bibliographic info) (download)
Appendix C: Prices of Tangible Assets: Price Statistics Review Committee (p. 95 - 102) (bibliographic info) (download)
1. An Index of Motor Freight Rates: Walter Y. Oi, David E. Lund, Paul P. Bestock (p. 103 - 136) (bibliographic info) (download)
2. Alternative Retail Price Indexes for Selected Nondurable Goods, 1947-59: Albert Rees (p. 137 - 172) (bibliographic info) (download)
3. Hedonic Price Indexes for Automobiles: An Econometric of Quality Change: Zvi Griliches (p. 173 - 196) (bibliographic info) (download)
4. Sampling Considerations in the Construction of Price Indexes with Particular Reference to the United States Consumer Price Index: Philip J. McCarthy (p. 197 - 232) (bibliographic info) (download)
5. Index Numbers and the Seasonality of Quantities and Prices: Victor Zarnowitz (p. 233 - 304) (bibliographic info) (download)
6. Consumer Durables in an Index of Consumer Prices: Peter O. Steiner (p. 305 - 336) (bibliographic info) (download)
7. Cost of Living Indexes for Special Classes of Consumers: Eleanor M. Page Snyder (p. 337 - 372) (bibliographic info) (download)
8. Statistical Factors Affecting the Stability of the Wholesale and Consumers' Price Indexes: Harry E. McAllister (p. 373 - 418) (bibliographic info) (download)
9. A Study in Validity: BLS Wholesale Price Quotations: John Flueck (p. 419 - 458) (bibliographic info) (download)
10. Appraisal of Alternative Concepts and Measures of Agricultural Parity Prices and Incomes: Geoffrey Shepherd (p. 459 - 502) (bibliographic info) (download)
11. Unit Value Pricing of Prices Received by Farmers: Earl Swanson (p. 503 - 516) (bibliographic info) (download)
12. The Measurement and Economic Implications of the Inclusion of Indirect Taxes in the Consumers' Price Index: Reuben A. Kessel (p. 517 - 526) (bibliographic info) (download)
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