Contributions in Memory of Zvi Griliches

Jacques Mairesse and Manuel Trajtenberg, editors

Conference held August 25-27, 2003
Published in August 2010 by Annales D'Économie et de Statistique, 79-80, July-December 2005

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807 pages

Table of Contents

1. Editor's Note: Jacques Mairesse, Manuel Trajtenberg (p. 3) (bibliographic info)
2. Contributions of Zvi Griliches: James Heckman (p. 5 - 22) (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
3. Estimation with Valid and Invalid Instruments: Jinyong Hahn, Jerry Hausman (p. 25 - 57) (bibliographic info)
4. Standing on Academic Shoulders: Measuring Scientific Influence in Universities: James D. Adams, J. Roger Clemmons, Paula E. Stephan (p. 61 - 90) (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
5. The Impact of NSF Support for Basic Research in Economics: Ashish Arora, Alfonso Gambardella (p. 91 - 115) (bibliographic info)
6. Exploring the Link Between Academic Science and Industrial Innovation: Lee Branstetter (p. 119 - 142) (bibliographic info)
7. Grilichesian Breakthroughs: Inventions of Methods of Inventing and Firm Entry in Nanotechnology: Michael L. Darby, Lynne G. Zucker (p. 143 - 164) (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
8. Public and Private Spillovers: Location and the Productivity of Pharmaceutical Research: Jeffrey L. Furman, Margaret K. Kyle, Iain Cockburn, Rebecca M. Henderson (p. 165 - 188) (bibliographic info)
9. "Cross-firm" Inventors and Social Networks: Localized Knowledge Spillovers Revisited: Stefano Breschi, Francesco Lissoni (p. 189 - 209) (bibliographic info)
10. Peanut Butter Patents versus the New Economy: Does the Increased Rate of Patenting Signal More Invention of Just Lower Standards?: Panoma Sanyal, Adam B. Jaffe (p. 211 - 240) (bibliographic info)
11. Choosing Intellectual Protection: Imitation, Patent Strength and Licensing: David Encaoua, Yassine Lefouili (p. 241 - 271) (bibliographic info)
12. Zvi Griliches' Contribution to the Theory of Human Capital: Reuben Gronau (p. 275 - 297) (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
13. Is Skill Biased Technological Change Here Yet? Evidence from India Manufacturing in the 1990s: Eli Berman, Rohini Somanathan, Hong W. Tan (p. 299 - 321) (bibliographic info)
14. Human Capital and Worker Productivity: Direct Evidence from LInk Employer-Employee Data: John M. Abowd, Francis Kramarz (p. 323 - 338) (bibliographic info)
15. Measuring the Returns to R&D: The Depreciation Problem: Bronwyn H. Hall (p. 341 - 381) (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
16. Depreciation Estimation, R&D Capital Stock, and North American Manufacturing Productivity Growth: Jeffrey Bernstein, Theofanis P. Mamuneas (p. 383 - 404) (bibliographic info)
17. Life Cycle, Innovation and Firm Productivity: Israeli Manufacturing Firms, 1955-1999: Haim Regev (p. 405 - 431) (bibliographic info)
18. Investment, R&D and Financial Constraints in Britain and Germany: Stephen Bond, Dietmar Harhoff, John Van Reenen (p. 433 - 460) (bibliographic info)
19. R&D and Productivity in Corporate Groups: An Empirical Investigation Using a Panel of French Firms: Pierre Blanchard, Jean-Pierre Huiban, Patrick Sevestre (p. 461 - 485) (bibliographic info)
20. The Importance of R&D and Innovation for Productivity: A Reexamination in Light of the 2000 French Innovation Survey: Jacques Mairesse, Pierre Mohnen, Elizabeth Kremp (p. 487 - 527) (bibliographic info)
21. Reassessing the IMpact of IT in the Production Function: A Meta-Analysis and Sensitivity Tests: Kevin Stiroh (p. 529 - 561) (bibliographic info)
22. Did Information Technologies Shift Upward Multifactor Productivity in the 90s? Evidence from French Firm Level Data: Bruno Crépon, Thomas Heckel, Nicolas Riedinger (p. 563 - 581) (bibliographic info)
23. Price-Cost Margins and Rent Sharing: Evidence from a Panel of French Manufacturing Firms: Bruno Crépon, Rozen Desplatz, Jacques Mairesse (p. 583 - 610) (bibliographic info)
24. The Evenson-Kislev 'Research as Search' Model and the Green Revolution: Robert Evenson, Yoav Kislev (p. 613 - 628) (bibliographic info)
25. Economic and Technical Drivers of Technology Choices: Browsers: Timothy F. Bresnahan, Pai-Ling Yin (p. 629 - 670) (bibliographic info)
26. Are the More Educated More LIkely to Use New Drugs?: Adriana Lleras-Muney, Frank R. Lichtenberg (p. 671 - 696) (bibliographic info)
27. Innovation Diffusion under Budget Constraints: Microeconometric Evidence on Heart Attack in France: Brigitte Dormont, Carine Milcent (p. 697 - 726) (bibliographic info)
28. Hedonics and the Consumer Price Index: Ariel Pakes (p. 729 - 748) (bibliographic info)
29. Price Index Aggregation: Plutocratic weights, Democratic Weights, and Value Judgments: Franklin M. Fisher (p. 749 - 757) (bibliographic info)
30. Adjacent Period Dummy Variable Hedonic Regressions and Bilateral Index Number Theory: Erwin Diewert (p. 759 - 786) (bibliographic info)
31. Hedonic Price Indexes for Personal Computer Operating Systems and Produtivity Suites: Alan G. White, Jaison R. Abel, Ernst R. Berndt, Cory W. Monroe (p. 787 - 807) (bibliographic info) (Working Paper version)
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