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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2010The Importance of R&D and Innovation for Productivity: A Reexamination in Light of the 2000 French Innovation Survey
with Jacques Mairesse, Pierre Mohnen
in Contributions in Memory of Zvi Griliches, Jacques Mairesse and Manuel Trajtenberg, editors
January 2004Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Productivity: A Firm Level Exploration Based on French Manufacturing CIS3 Data
with Jacques Mairesse: w10237
In modern knowledge driven economies, firms are increasingly aware that individual and collective knowledge is a major factor of economic performance. The larger the firms and the stronger their connection with technology intensive industries, the more are they likely to set up knowledge management (KM) policies, such as promoting a culture of information and knowledge sharing (C), motivating employees and executives to remain with the firm (R), forging alliances and partnerships for knowledge acquisition (A), implementing written knowledge management rules (W). The French 1998-2000 Community Innovation Survey (CIS3) has surveyed the use of these four knowledge management policies for a representative sample of manufacturing firms. The micro econometric analysis of the survey tends to conf...
January 1992Dispersion and Heterogeneity of Firm Performances in Nine French Service Industries, 1984-1987
with Jacques Mairesse
in Output Measurement in the Service Sectors, Zvi Griliches, editor
March 1991Dispersion and Heterogeneity of Firm Performances in Nine French Service Industries, 1984-1987
with Jacques Mairesse: w3665
In the present study, we have taken advantage of the wealth of information provided by the French annual survey of market services to construct a panel sample of data on about 2300 large firms, from 1984 to 1987, in nine selected service industries (at the four digit level of the industrial classification) . We have contrasted the average performances of firms across industries, in terms of labor productivity ratios and profitability margins, both in levels and in growth rates. We have compared these averages indicators for more or less inclusive sample definitions, going from the survey of all firms to a 'balanced' and "cleaned' panel data sample of large firms, and for the two kinds of averages usually considered in macro and micro-analyses. We, then proceeded to show that the difference...

Published: In Output Measurement in the Services Sectors, ed. Zvi Griliches. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, UCP 1992

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