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Union Army Data, by source and format

Please click on a link in the table to download the desired data set and format. By downloading a Union Army or Early Indicators dataset, a user is agreeing to abide by the Union Army Data User Access Agreement. For detailed descriptions of each variable, see the Union Army Codebook

Data Source Stata Format CSV Format Excel Format SAS Format SPSS Format
Census Union Army Census, Stata Union Army Census, CSV Union Army Census, Excel Union Army Census, SAS Union Army Census, SPSS
Carded Medical Records Union Army CMR, Stata Union Army CMR, CSV Union Army CMR, Excel Union Army CMR, SAS Union Army CMR, SPSS
Military Pension Records Union Army MIL, Stata Union Army MIL, CSV Union Army MIL, Excel Union Army MIL, SAS Union Army MIL, SPSS
Military Service Records Union Army MSR, Stata Union Army MSR, CSV Union Army MSR, Excel Union Army MSR, SAS Union Army MSR, SPSS
Surgeons' Certificates Disease Data Union Army DIS, Stata Union Army DIS, CSV Union Army DIS, Excel Union Army DIS, SAS Union Army DIS, SPSS

The list of companies in the Union Army sample is also available for download.

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