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Summer Institute

The NBER Summer Institute is an annual three-week conference that is held in Cambridge, MA. It was held virtually in 2020 and 2021, but plans to use a hybrid format, in-person meetings with virtual components, in 2022.

45th Annual NBER Summer Institute 

The 45th annual NBER Summer Institute will be held from Monday, July 11 to Friday, July 29, 2022. It will consist of nearly 50 distinct meetings, each focusing on a topic or sub-field in economics. These meetings will be held in hybrid format, with in-person gatherings as well as on-line components. Schedule of meetings

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Alan J. Auerbach, the Robert D. Birch Professor of Economics and Law at the University of California, Berkeley, and...
  • Lecture
The credible estimation of causal effects is a central task of applied econometrics. Two tools for this purpose that...
Social Security Panel Discussion: The Labor Market Effects of COVID-19: Implications for Social Security in the US Primary tabs
  • Lecture
The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound effects on the US labor market. Some of these — most notably the drop in...

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Feldstein Lectures

  • Lecture
Claudia Goldin, the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University and a past president of the American...
  • Lecture
Raghuram Rajan, in 10th Annual Feldstein Lecture, Analyzes Role of Liquidity in Recent Financial Crisis. Read the...

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