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Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis

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Updated Data 1958-2018 - SIC and NAICS versions


You are free to use the data for any purpose, free of charge, as long as you provide attribution and citation. You will not redistribute the data without permission. You may publish a copy of the data to meet journal requirements, as long as these conditions are made explicit as part of the package (for instance, by copying these terms into a LICENSE.txt file). Contact us for permission for any other redistribution; we will consider requests for free and commercial redistribution.


Becker, Randy A., Wayne B. Gray and Jordan Marvakov. (2021). “NBER-CES Manufacturing Industry Database (1958-2018, version 2021a).” National Bureau of Economic Research., accessed <date>.

NBER-CES Manufacturing Industry Database (1958-2018)

2012 NAICS version: Stata SAS Excel CSV                                                             

1997 NAICS version: Stata SAS Excel CSV                                                            

1987 SIC version: Stata SAS Excel CSV                                                                  


Variable description and summary statistics: nberces_5818_summary_stats            

Updated documentation: nberces_5818_technical_notes                                           

Previous documentation (1958-2011 version): nberces_5818_technical_notes         

Original documentation (1958-1991 dataset): NBER Technical Working Paper 205


1997 NAICS - 2012 NAICS: Stata SAS Excel CSV        Documentation                

1987 SIC - 1997 NAICS: Stata SAS Excel CSV        Documentation                      

1972 SIC - 1987 SIC: Stata SAS Excel CSV        Documentation                           

Industry Listings

2012 NAICS Industry Names: Excel Text        Documentation             

1997 NAICS Industry Names: Excel Text                                                                 

1987 SIC Industry Names: Excel Text        Documentation           

1972 SIC Industry Names: Excel Text                                                                       

Contact information

Please forward all inquiries to: Wayne Gray, Clark University and NBER, or Randy Becker, Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau,

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