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Angie Acquatella, Harvard University
Wifag Adnan, New York University
Alicia Atwood, Vassar College
Briana M. Ballis, University of California at Merced
Jacob Berman, University of California at Los Angeles
Hector Blanco Fernandez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hannah Bolder, University of Michigan
Stuart Buck, Laura and John Arnold Foundation
Carycruz Bueno, Brown University
Samantha Burn, Harvard University
Anne M. Burton, The University of Texas at Dallas
Marta de Philippis, Bank of Italy
Julia Dennett, Harvard University
Annabelle C. Fowler, Harvard University
Rita Ginja, University of Bergen
Karen N. Horn
Rebecca Johnson, Princeton University
Sreeraahul Kancherla, University of California at Berkeley
Daniel Klerman, University of Southern California
Alina Kovalenko, University of Texas at Austin
Jennifer H. Kwok, University of Illinois at Chicago
Nan Li, University of Toronto
John Lipsky, Johns Hopkins University
Katherine Lofgren, Harvard University
Jianyu Lu, Central Bank of Chile
Nuria Mas, University of Navarra
Terry Moon, University of British Columbia
Miguel A. Morales-Mosquera, University of Chicago
Michael Moskow, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Santiago M. Perez, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Joseph Pliskin, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Mohan Ramanujan, National Bureau of Economic Research
Julie Riise, University of Bergen
Ljubica Ristovska, Harvard University
Sarah Robinson, University of California at Santa Barbara
Rebecca M. Sachs, Harvard University
William Schpero, Cornell University
Priya Shanmugam, Harvard University
William Spriggs, Howard University
Samuel V. Valdez, University of California, Los Angeles
Sean Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gal Wettstein, Boston College
Jocelyn S. Wikle, Brigham Young University
Arezou Zaresani, University of Melbourne
Andrew F. Zeitlin, Georgetown University

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