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Julian Atanassov, University of Nebraska
Amar Bhide, Tufts University
Yasser Boualam, University of North Carolina
Jeremy Brown, NBER
Damien Capelle, Princeton University
Emanuela Cardia, University of Montreal
Sankar De, Shiv Nadar University
Rebecca DeSimone, Columbia University
Cynthia Doniger, Federal Reserve Board
Javier D. Donna, University of Florida
Annabelle C. Fowler, Harvard University
Carlo Galli, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Jana Gallus, University of California at Los Angeles
Kai Gehring, University of Bern
Arda Gitmez, Bilkent University
Olga Gorbachev, University of Delaware
Umar Jeelanie, Jamia Millia Islamia University New-Delhi
Zafer Kanik
Baris Kaymak, University of Montreal
Christina A. Kent, Stanford University
Tatyana Koreshkova, Concordia University
Kai Li, Peking University
Marvin Lieberman, University of California at Los Angeles
Xiaoding Liu, Texas A&M University
Guannan Luo, City University of Hong Kong
Claudia Macaluso, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Dimitris Mavridis, University of Luxembourg
Indrajit Mitra, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Markus Poschke, McGill University
Giorgio Presidente, University of Oxford
Matthew Pritsker, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Elisabeth Proehl, University of Geneva
Charles A. Radin, NBER, Director of Public Information
Xavier Ragot, Sciences Po
Mohan Ramanujan, National Bureau of Economic Research
Jean Roth
Huaxia Rui, University of Rochester
Lucas Scottini, Brown University
Nihar Shah, Harvard University
Yosuke Takeda, Sophia University
Carlos Thomas, Banco de España
Tomohiro Tsuruga, International Monetary Fund
Panagiota Tzamourani, Deutsche Bundesbank
Ichihiro Uchida, Aichi University
Yoichi Ueno, Bank of Japan
Sheryl Winston Smith, BI Norwegian Business School
Erin L. Wolcott, Middlebury College
Martin B. Zimmerman, University of Michigan

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