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Laura Alfaro, Harvard University and NBER
Mary Amiti, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Jennie Bai, Georgetown University and NBER
Jie Bai, Harvard University and NBER
Cathy Ge Bao, University of International Business and Economics
David Baqaee, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Panle Jia Barwick, University of Wisconsin-Madison and NBER
Daniel Berkowitz, University of Pittsburgh
Loren Brandt, University of Toronto
Jing Cai, University of Maryland and NBER
Sophie Calder-Wang, University of Pennsylvania
Shengmao Cao, Northwestern University
Jennifer N. Carpenter, New York University
Nancy H. Chau, Cornell University
Cheng Chen, Clemson University
Hui Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Kaiji Chen, Emory University
Luming Chen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Maggie Chen, George Washington University
Mingyu Chen, IZA Institute of Labour Economics
Qiaoyi Chen, Fudan University
Ting Chen, Hong Kong Baptist University
Wei Chen, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yi Chen, ShanghaiTech University
Zhao Chen, Fudan University
Zhuo Chen, Tsinghua University
Davin Chor, Dartmouth College and NBER
Lin William Cong, Cornell University and NBER
Yongheng Deng, Wisconsin School of Business
Francesco D’Acunto, Georgetown University
Alex Eble, Columbia University and NBER
Karen Eggleston, Stanford University and NBER
Benjamin Faber, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Ying Fan, University of Michigan and NBER
Hanming Fang, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Tony Fang, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Li Gan, Texas A&M University
Peter M. Garber, Deutsche Bank
Roger H. Gordon, University of California, San Diego and NBER
Michael Greenstone, University of Chicago and NBER
Joseph Gyourko, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Yasushi Hamao, Tsinghua University
Ann Harrison, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Guojun He, University of Hong Kong
Hui He, International Monetary Fund
Zhiguo He, Stanford University and NBER
Jonas Hjort, University College London
Feng Huang, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Haifeng Huang, Ohio State University
Hanwei Huang, City University of Hong Kong
Yasheng Huang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yi Huang, Fudan University
Lakshmi Iyer, University of Notre Dame
Ruixue Jia, University of California, San Diego and NBER
Shenzhe Jiang, Beijing University
Yang Jiao, Fudan University
Ginger Zhe Jin, University of Maryland and NBER
Jiandong Ju, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University, China
Qian Jun, Fudan University
Matthew E. Kahn, University of Southern California and NBER
Wolfgang Keller, University of Colorado Boulder and NBER
Sang Hoon Kong, Columbia University
Kala Krishna, Pennsylvania State University and NBER
James Kung, University of Melbourne
Xiaohuan Lan, Fudan University
Bingjing Li, The University of Hong Kong
Guangwei Li, ShanghaiTech University
Ming Li, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Shanjun Li, Cornell University and NBER
Kevin Lim, University of Toronto
Ernest Liu, Princeton University and NBER
Jin Liu, New York University
Mengdi Liu, University of International Business and Economics
Tong Liu, Cornell University and National University of Singapore
Xuepeng Liu, Kennesaw State University
Zhikuo Liu, Fudan University
Dong Lou, London School of Economics
Mary E. Lovely, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Hong Ma, Tsinghua University
Kalina Manova, University College London
Jianjun Miao, Boston University
Meng Miao, Renmin University of China
Randall Morck, University of Alberta and NBER
Ameet Morjaria, Northwestern University and NBER
David Ong, Jinan University
Cameron Peng, London School of Economics
Ivan P. Png, National University of Singapore
Jacopo Ponticelli, Northwestern University and NBER
Nancy Qian, Northwestern University and NBER
Xincheng Qiu, Arizona State University
Thomas G. Rawski, University of Pittsburgh
Nicholas Ryan, Yale University and NBER
Alberto Salvo, National University of Singapore
Carol H. Shiue, University of Colorado Boulder and NBER
Kelly Shue, Yale University and NBER
Tuan-Hwee Sng, National University of Singapore
Changcheng Song, University of Florida
Zheng Michael Song, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Claudia Steinwender, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
David Stromberg, Stockholm University
Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato, Stanford University and NBER
Heiwai Tang, Hong Kong University
Edoardo Teso, Northwestern University and NBER
Daniel Trefler, University of Toronto and NBER
Giovanni Veronese, Bank of Italy
Baolian Wang, University of Florida
Jian Wang, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Shaoda Wang, University of Chicago and NBER
Shing-Yi Wang, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Xiao Yu Wang, CRI Foundation
Xin Wang, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yanfei Wang, Renmin University of China
Michael E. Waugh, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and NBER
Michael Weber, University of Chicago and NBER
Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University and NBER
David Weinstein, Columbia University and NBER
Jaya Wen, Harvard University
Michelle J. White, University of California, San Diego and NBER
Robert F. Whitelaw, New York University and NBER
Binzhen Wu, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management
Yanhui Wu, University of Hong Kong
Mo Xiao, University of Arizona
Danxia Xie, Tsinghua University
Jin Xie, Peking University
Wei Xiong, Princeton University and NBER
Daniel Xu, Duke University and NBER
Jianhuan Xu, Singapore Management University
Lihe Xu, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Yiqing Xu, Stanford University
Melanie Meng Xue, London School of Economics
Hongjun Yan, DePaul University
Clair Yang, University of Washington, Seattle
David Y. Yang, Harvard University and NBER
Xiyi Yang, ShanghaiTech University
Vincent Yao, Georgia State University
Bernard Yeung, National University of Singapore
Kei-Mu Yi, University of Houston and NBER
Xiaoyun Yu, SAIF
Noam Yuchtman, University of Oxford
Bing Zhang, Nanjing University
Junfu Zhang, Clark University
Lei Zhang, Zhejiang University
Weiwen Zhang, Zhejiang University
Xiaobo Zhang, Peking University
Yu Zhang, Peking University
Xiaoxue Zhao, Wesleyan University
Haoxiang Zhu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Xiaodong Zhu, University of Hong Kong
Eric Zou, University of Michigan and NBER

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In addition to working papers, the NBER disseminates affiliates’ latest findings through a range of free periodicals — the NBER Reporter, the NBER Digest, the Bulletin on Retirement and Disability, the Bulletin on Health, and the Bulletin on Entrepreneurship — as well as online conference reports, video lectures, and interviews.

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Overview: Linear panel event studies are increasingly used to estimate and plot causal effects of changes in policies...
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