International Economic Transactions: Issues in Measurement and Empirical Research

Peter Hooper and J. David Richardson, editors

Conference held November 3-4, 1989
Published in January 1991 by University of Chicago Press
© 1991 by the National Bureau of Economic Research
in NBER Book Series Studies in Income and Wealth

NBER Program(s):PR, ITI

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499 pp. pages
ISBN: 0-226-35135-1

Table of Contents

Front matter, prefatory note, table of contents: Peter Hooper, J. David Richardson (p. -13 - 0) (bibliographic info) (download)
Introduction: Peter Hooper, J. David Richardson (p. 1 - 14) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
1. Comparing International Trade Data and Product and National Characteristics Data for the Analysis of Trade Models: Keith E. Maskus (p. 17 - 60) (bibliographic info) (download)
2. Computers and the Trade Deficit: The Case of the Falling Prices: Ellen E. Meade (p. 61 - 88) (bibliographic info) (download)
3. Quality Issues Affecting the Compilation of the U.S. Merchandise Trade Statistics: Bruce C. Walter (p. 89 - 105) (bibliographic info) (download)
4. Price Trends in U.S. Trade: New Data, New Insights: William Alterman (p. 109 - 143) (bibliographic info) (download)
5. Measures of Prices and Price Competitiveness in International Trade in Manufactured Goods: Robert E. Lipsey, Linda Molinari, Irving B. Kravis (p. 144 - 199) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
6. Developing a Data System for International Sales of Services: Progress, Problems, and Prospects: Bernard Ascher, Obie G. Whichard (p. 203 - 236) (bibliographic info) (download)
7. Evolving Patterns of Trade and Investment in Services: Bernard M. Hoekman, Robert M. Stern (p. 237 - 290) (bibliographic info) (download)
8. Financial Flows versus Capital Spending: Alternative Measures of U.S.-Canadian Investment and Trade in the Analysis of Taxes: Harry Grubert, John Mutti (p. 293 - 320) (bibliographic info) (download)
9. The Adequacy of U.S. Direct Investment Data: Lois E. Stekler, Guy V. G. Stevens (p. 321 - 353) (bibliographic info) (download)
10. Issues in Measurement and International Comparison of Output Growth in Manufacturing: Robert Z. Lawrence (p. 357 - 387) (bibliographic info) (download)
11. Macroeconomic Convergence: International Transmission of Growth and Technical Progress : John F. Helliwell, Alan Chung (p. 388 - 436) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
12. The International Comparison Program: Current Status and Problems: Irving B. Kravis, Robert E. Lipsey (p. 437 - 468) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
Concluding Observations: Robert E. Baldwin, Jack Barne, Ralph C. Bryant (p. 469 - 483) (bibliographic info) (download)
List of Contributors, Indexes: Peter Hooper, J. David Richardson (p. 485 - 500) (bibliographic info) (download)
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