Medical Care Output and Productivity

David M. Cutler and Ernst R. Berndt, editors

Published in January 2001 by University of Chicago Press
© 2001 by the National Bureau of Economic Research
in NBER Book Series Studies in Income and Wealth

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544 pages
ISBN: 0-226-13226-9

Table of Contents

Front matter: David M. Cutler, Ernst R. Berndt (p. -14 - 0) (bibliographic info) (download)
Introduction: David M. Cutler, Ernst R. Berndt (p. 1 - 12) (bibliographic info) (download)
I Conceptual Issues in Medical Care Prices and Productivity : (p. 13 - 14) (bibliographic info) (download)
1. What's Different about Health? Human Repair and Car Repair in National Accounts and in National Health Accounts: Jack E. Triplett (p. 15 - 96) (bibliographic info) (download)
2. Theoretical Foundations of Medical Cost-Effectiveness Analysis -- Implications for the Measurement of Benefits and Costs of Medical Interventions : David Meltzer (p. 97 - 118) (bibliographic info) (download)
3. Medical Care Output and Productivity in the Nonprofit Sector: Tomas Philipson, Darius Lakdawalla (p. 119 - 140) (bibliographic info) (download)
4. Price Indexes for Medical Care Goods and Services -- An Overview of Measurement Issues: Ernst R. Berndt, David M. Cutler, Richard Frank, Zvi Griliches, Joseph P. Newhouse, Jack E. Triplett (p. 141 - 200) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
II Current State of Measurement: (p. 201 - 202) (bibliographic info) (download)
5. Medical Care in the Consumer Price Index: Ina Kay Ford, Daniel H. Ginsburg (p. 203 - 220) (bibliographic info) (download)
6. Health Care Output and Prices in the Producer Price Index: Dennis Fixler, Mitchell Ginsburg (p. 221 - 270) (bibliographic info) (download)
7. National Health Accounts/National Income and Product Accounts Reconciliation -- Hospital Care and Physician Services : Arthur Sensenig, Ernest Wilcox (p. 271 - 302) (bibliographic info) (download)
III Recent Developments: (p. 303 - 304) (bibliographic info) (download)
8. Pricing Heart Attack Treatments: David M. Cutler, Mark B. McClellan, Joseph P. Newhouse, Dahlia K. Remler (p. 305 - 362) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
9. Trends in Heart Attack Treatment and Outcomes, 1975-1995 -- Literature Review and Synthesis: Paul Heidenreich, Mark B. McClellan (p. 363 - 410) (bibliographic info) (download)
10. Measuring the value of Cataract Surgery: Irving Shapiro, Matthew D. Shapiro, David Wilcox (p. 411 - 438) (bibliographic info) (download)
11. Hedonic Analysis of Arthritis Drugs: Iain M. Cockburn, Aslam H. Anis (p. 439 - 462) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
12. Treatment Price Indexes for Acute Phase Major Depression: Ernst R. Berndt, Susan Busch, Richard Frank (p. 463 - 508) (bibliographic info) (download)
IV Extensions of the Frontier: (p. 509 - 510) (bibliographic info) (download)
13. The Value of Reductions in Child Injury Mortality in the United States: Sherry A. Glied (p. 511 - 538) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
14. Patient Welfare and Patient Compliance -- An Empirical Framework for Measuring the Benefits from Pharmaceutical Innovation: Paul Ellickson, Scott Stern, Manuel Trajtenberg (p. 539 - 564) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
15. The Allocation of Publicly Funded Biomedical Research: Frank R. Lichtenberg (p. 565 - 590) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
Contributors: (p. 591 - 594) (bibliographic info) (download)
Author Index: (p. 595 - 602) (bibliographic info) (download)
Subject Index: (p. 603 - 611) (bibliographic info) (download)
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