The Economics of Food Price Volatility

Jean-Paul Chavas, David Hummels, and Brian D. Wright, editors

Conference held August 15-16, 2012
Published in October 2014 by University of Chicago Press
© 2014 by the National Bureau of Economic Research

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383 pages
ISBN: 0-226-12892-X

Table of Contents

Front matter, table of contents, preface: Jean-Paul Chavas, David Hummels, Brian D. Wright (p. -11 - 0) (bibliographic info) (download)
Introduction: Jean-Paul Chavas, David Hummels, Brian D. Wright (p. 1 - 11) (bibliographic info) (download)
1. Influences of Agricultural Technology on the Size and Importance of Food Price Variability: Julian M. Alston, William J. Martin, Philip G. Pardey (p. 13 - 54) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: James M. MacDonald (p. 54 - 58) (bibliographic info) (download)
2. Corn Production Shocks in 2012 and Beyond: Implications for Harvest Volatility: Steven T. Berry, Michael J. Roberts, Wolfram Schlenker (p. 59 - 81) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Derek Headey (p. 81 - 90) (bibliographic info) (download)
3. Biofuels, Binding Constraints, and Agricultural Commodity Price Volatility: Philip Abbott (p. 91 - 131) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Brian D. Wright (p. 131 - 133) (bibliographic info) (download)
4. The Evolving Relationships between Agricultural and Energy Commodity Prices: A Shifting-Mean Vector Autoregressive Analysis: Walter Enders, Matthew T. Holt (p. 135 - 187) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: Barry K. Goodwin (p. 187 - 192) (bibliographic info) (download)
5. Bubble Troubles? Rational Storage, Mean Reversion, and Runs in Commodity Prices: Eugenio S. A. Bobenrieth, Juan R. A. Bobenrieth, Brian D. Wright (p. 193 - 208) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Jock R. Anderson (p. 208 - 210) (bibliographic info) (download)
6. Bubbles, Food Prices, and Speculation: Evidence from the CFTC's Daily Large Trader Data Files: Nicole M. Aulerich, Scott H. Irwin, Philip Garcia (p. 211 - 253) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Aaron Smith (p. 253 - 259) (bibliographic info) (download)
7. Food Price Volatility and Domestic Stabilization Policies in Developing Countries: Christophe Gouel (p. 261 - 306) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Shenggen Fan (p. 306 - 309) (bibliographic info) (download)
8. Food Price Spikes, Price Insulation, and Poverty: Kym Anderson, Maros Ivanic, William J. Martin (p. 311 - 339) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Marc F. Bellemare (p. 339 - 344) (bibliographic info) (download)
9. Trade Insulation as Social Protection: Quy-Toan Do, Andrei A. Levchenko, Martin Ravallion (p. 345 - 366) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: Ron Trostle (p. 366 - 369) (bibliographic info) (download)
Indexes: Jean-Paul Chavas, David Hummels, Brian D. Wright (p. 371 - 383) (bibliographic info) (download)
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