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The data are in three sets, at different levels of commodity detail. The A tables refer to major commodity classes, 22 for exports and 23 for imports. The B tables present data for intermediate classes, 47 for exports and 50 for imports, and the C tables present data for minor classes, 77 in exports and 90 in imports. The price and quantity indexes are presented with 1913 = 100. A concordance is provided, matching the minor classes approximately to the SITC Revision 2.

  MS Excel Comma-separated Variables Tab-delimited
A Tables



     Annual Fisher export price indexes A-14.csv A-14.asc
     Annual Fisher import price indexes A-15.csv A-15.asc
     Annual Fisher export quantity indexes A-16.csv A-16.asc
     Annual Fisher import quantity indexes A-17.csv A-17.asc
     Annual export values ($ million) A-18.csv A-18.asc
     Annual import values ($million) A-19.csv A-19.asc
     Annual Paasche export price indexes A-20.csv A-20.asc
     Annual Paasche import price indexes A-21.csv A-21.asc
     Annual Laspeyres export price indexes A-22.csv A-22.asc
     Annual Laspeyres import price indexes A-23.csv A-23.asc
     Quarterly Fisher export price indexes A-24.csv A-24.asc
     Quarterly Fisher import price indexes A-25.csv A-25.asc
     Quarterly Fisher export quantity indexes A-26.csv A-26.asc
     Quarterly Fisher import quantity indexes A-27.csv A-27.asc
     Quarterly export values ($ millions) A-28.csv A-28.asc
     Quarterly import values ($ millions) A-29.csv A-29.asc
     Composition of major export and import classes A-30.csv A-30.asc
B Tables



     Annual Fisher export price indexes B-1.csv B-1.asc
     Annual Fisher import price indexes B-2.csv B-2.asc
     Annual Fisher export quantity indexes B-3.csv B-3.asc
     Annual Fisher import quantity indexes B-4.csv B-4.asc
     Annual export values ($ million) B-5.csv B-5.asc
     Annual import values ($ million) B-6.csv B-6.asc
     Composition of intermediate export classes B-7.csv B-7.asc
     Composition of intermediate import classes B-8.csv B-8.asc
C Tables



     Annual Fisher export price indexes C-1.csv C-1.asc
     Annual Fisher import price indexes C-2.csv C-2.asc
     Annual Fisher export quantity indexes C-3.csv C-3.asc
     Annual Fisher import quantity indexes C-4.csv C-4.asc
     Annual export values ($ million) C-5.csv C-5.asc
     Annual import values ($ million) C-6.csv C-6.asc



     Minor export class and SITC Rev. 2 exp.csv exp.asc
     Minor import class and SITC Rev. 2 imp.csv imp.asc

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