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Note for all CPS supplements (may or may not apply to this specific supplement): For 2000-Census based weights, 2002 NAICS-based industry codes, 2000 SOC-based occupation codes, and revised class of worker and union variables for 2000-2002 the CPS files, please visit CPS Extracts. Several major changes affected the 2003 CPS. For more information about the changes, please visit CPS Extracts.

Key: [.zip = Data files] [.pdf, .doc, .txt = Documentation files] [.ddf = Catalogue files]

Year March
1962 .zip .pdf .pdf (Codebook part 1/2) .pdf (Codebook part 2/2)
1963 -
1964 .zip .pdf
1965 -
1966 .zip .pdf
1967 .zip .pdf
1968 .zip .pdf
1969 .zip .pdf
1970 -
1971 .zip .pdf
1972 .zip .pdf
1973 .zip .pdf
1974 .zip .pdf
1975 .zip .pdf
1976 .zip .pdf
1977 .zip .pdf
1978 .zip .pdf
1979 .zip .pdf
1980 .zip .pdf
1981 .zip .pdf
1982 .zip .pdf
1983 .zip .pdf
1984 .zip .pdf
1985 .zip .pdf
1986 .zip .pdf
1987 .zip .pdf
1988 .zip .pdf .zip (old format) .pdf (old format) help .txt
1989 .zip .doc .ddf
1990 .zip .pdf .doc .ddf
1991 .zip .pdf .doc .ddf
1992 .zip .pdf .ddf
1993 .zip .pdf .doc
1994 .zip .pdf .ddf match
1995 .zip .ddf .zip (documentation)
1996 .zip .pdf .ddf
1997 .zip .pdf .ddf
1998 .zip .pdf .ddf
1999 .zip .pdf .ddf
2000 .zip .pdf .ddf
2001 .zip .pdf .ddf SCHIP
2002 .zip .pdf .ddf
2003 .zip .pdf .ddf
2004 .zip .pdf .ddf .zip .zip .zip read .txt
2005 .zip .pdf .ddf
2006 .zip .pdf .ddf
2007 .zip .pdf .ddf
2008 .zip .pdf .ddf
2009 .zip .pdf .ddf
2010 .zip .pdf .ddf
2011 .zip .pdf .ddf
2012 .zip .pdf .ddf
2013 .zip .pdf .ddf
2014 Traditional: (.zip .pdf .ddf) Redesigned: (.zip .pdf .ddf)
2015 .zip .pdf .ddf
2016 .zip .pdf .ddf
2017 .zip .pdf .ddf
2018 .zip .pdf .ddf
2019 .zip .pdf .ddf


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