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Matching information and Stata .do files from NBER Working Paper t0247 by B. Madrian and L. J. Lefgren are available for March-to-March matches and can be modified for use in other matches. Technical Paper 63 contains more information about Design and Methodology.

The data files are available as Stata *.dta files, uncompressed, UNIX-compressed, or pkzipped. Conversion software such as Stat/Transfer can be used to convert the Stata files to other formats. Stata users can use 'copy "/data/cps_may.html/cpsmay69.dta" cpsmay69.dta' to copy the files to their current directory.

Internal users can obtain the data from a UNIX shell at /homes/data/cps-may or on an NBER PC via Network Neighborhood --> NBER --> home --> data --> cps-may

Updates and changes.

CPS May Extract Documentation

The CPS May Extract Documentation is cpsmay.txt. The documentation for the data that the extract was created from is available below.

Variable Labels for x1-x200

State Crosswalk

Thanks to Mireille Jacobson for providing a crosswalk for the different state codes.

statid.txt has a correspondence between the x7 from 1977 on and x9. It is an empirical tab taken from the 1977 data (which has both state id variables).


Year Stata .dta Compressed .dta Pkzipped .dta Documentation
1969 cpsmay69.dta cpsmay69.dta.Z CPS, May 1969
1970 cpsmay70.dta cpsmay70.dta.Z CPS, May 1970
1971 cpsmay71.dta cpsmay71.dta.Z CPS, May 1971
1972 cpsmay72.dta cpsmay72.dta.Z CPS, May 1972
1973 cpsmay73.dta cpsmay73.dta.Z CPS May 1973
1974 cpsmay74.dta cpsmay74.dta.Z CPS, May 1974
1975 cpsmay75.dta cpsmay75.dta.Z CPS, May 1975
1976 cpsmay76.dta cpsmay76.dta.Z cpsmay76.pdf
1977 cpsmay77.dta cpsmay77.dta.Z cpsmay77.pdf
1978 cpsmay78.dta cpsmay78.dta.Z cpsmay78.txt
1979 cpsmay79.dta cpsmay79.dta.Z cpsmay79.pdf
1980 cpsmay80.dta cpsmay80.dta.Z cpsmay80.pdf
1981 cpsmay81.dta cpsmay81.dta.Z cpsmay81.pdf
1982 cpsmay82.dta cpsmay82.dta.Z bas82.pdf
1983 cpsmay83.dta cpsmay83.dta.Z cpsmay83.pdf
1984 cpsmay84.dta cpsmay84.dta.Z cpsmay84.pdf
1985 cpsmay85.dta cpsmay85.dta.Z cpsmay85.pdf
1986 cpsmay86.dta cpsmay86.dta.Z bas86.pdf
1987 cpsmay87.dta cpsmay87.dta.Z



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