Featured Researcher: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe

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Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe ProfileStephanie Schmitt-Grohe is a professor of economics at Duke University, a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a research affiliate at London's Centre for Economic Policy Research. She received her doctorate in economics in 1994 from the University of Chicago.

Before coming to DukeUniversity in July of 2003, she taught at Rutgers University and was an economist in the Division of Monetary Affairs at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. She also has held visiting positions at the European Central Bank, Goethe University in Frankfurt, and Princeton University.

Schmitt-Grohe's research and writings have focused primarily on macroeconomic issues, in particular monetary and fiscal policy. Currently, she is serving as an associate editor of the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking and the Journal of the European Economic Association.

Schmitt-Grohe is married to Martin Uribe, who also teaches at Duke and is her frequent co-author. They and their sons, Cristobal and Imanol, live in Durham, North Carolina, surrounded by camellias planted by the wife of the late Joseph Spengler, past president of the American Economic Association. She enjoys skiing, windsurfing, and the movies, but now her children are her favorite pastime.