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Christine Jolls, the director of the NBER’s Law and Economics Program, is the Gordon Bradford Tweedy Professor at Yale Law School.


1. Racial Bias in Bail Decisions,” Arnold D, Dobbie W, Yang C. NBER Working Paper 23421, May 2017, and Quarterly Journal of Economics 133(4), November 2018, pp. 1885–1932.   Go to ⤴︎
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5. When Does Product Liability Risk Chill Innovation? Evidence from Medical Implants,” Galasso A, Luo H. NBER Working Paper 25068, September 2018, and American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (forthcoming).   Go to ⤴︎
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8. Should Short-Term Shareholders Have Less Rights?” Bebchuk L, Levit D. January 2019, presented at 2019 NBER Law and Economics program meeting.   Go to ⤴︎


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