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Conference program, summary



Andrew Austin, Congressional Research Service
Gerald Auten, Department of the Treasury
Thomas Barthold, Joint Committee on Taxation
Ike Brannon, Capital Policy Analytics
David Brazell, Department of the Treasury
David W. Brown, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Jeffrey R. Brown, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and NBER
Nicholas Bull, Joint Committee on Taxation
Kimberley Burham, Investment Company Institute
Aaron Butz, Congressional Budget Office
James Cilke, Joint Committee on Taxation
Adam Cole, Department of the Treasury
Tim Dowd, Joint Committee on Taxation
Robert Gillette, Department of the Treasury
Jane Gravelle, Congressional Research Service
Jennifer Gravelle, General Accounting Office
Edward Harris, Congressional Budget Office
Janet Holtzblatt, Tax Policy Center
Caroline M. Hoxby, Stanford University and NBER
Adam Isen, Department of the Treasury
Scott Jaquette, Department of the Treasury
Louis Kaplow, Harvard University and NBER
Laura Kawano, University of Michigan
Michael Kendix, Government Accountability Office
Jeffrey R. Kling, Congressional Budget Office and NBER
Gene Kuehneman, Retired
Sally Kwak, Joint Committee on Taxation
Allen Lerman, retired
Sean Lowry, Congressional Research Service
Nancy Lutz, National Science Foundation
Maya MacGuineas, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
Annie Mach, Congressional Research Service
Donald Marron, The Urban Institute
Aparna Mathur, Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
Janet McCubbin, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Jamie McGuire, Joint Committee on Taxation
Thomas Miller, American Enterprise Institute
Anne Moore, Department of the Treasury
Rachel Moore, Joint Committee on Taxation
Timothy J. Moore, Purdue University and NBER
Jacob Mortenson, Joint Committee on Taxation
Casey B. Mulligan, University of Chicago and NBER
Edward Nannenhorn, Government Accountability Office
John Navratil, Joint Committee on Taxation
Andre R. Neveu, James Madison University
Daniel Newlon, American Economic Association
Ankur Patel, Department of the Treasury
Elena Patel, University of Utah
James Pearce, Congressional Budget Office
Ronald Promboin, retired
Shanthi Ramnath, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Marshall B. Reinsdorf, Independent Consultant
Zachary Richards, Joint Committee on Taxation
Alan Rozzi, Government Accountability Office
Karl Russo, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Max Sawicky, Government Accountability Office
Maxim Shvedov, AARP
Kosali I. Simon, Indiana University and NBER
David Splinter, Joint Committee on Taxation
Anne Stevens, Government Accountability Office
James H. Stock, Harvard University and NBER
Michael Strudler, Internal Revenue Service
Lori Stuntz, Internal Revenue Service
Kathleen Toma, Joint Committee on Taxation
Patricia Tong, RAND Corporation
Nicholas Turner, Federal Reserve Board
Marvin Ward, Congressional Budget Office
Michael E. Weber, Internal Revenue Service
David Weiner, Congressional Budget Office
Elwood White, Government Accountability Office
Andrew Whitten, Department of the Treasury
Roberton Williams, The Urban Institute
James Wozny, Government Accountability Office
Jeffrey Wrase, Senate Finance Committee

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