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Silvia Ardagna, Goldman Sachs
Andrew Austin, Congressional Research Service
Gerald Auten, Department of the Treasury
Daniel Bachman, IHS Global Insight
Thomas Barthold, Joint Committee on Taxation
Ike Brannon, Capital Policy Analytics
David Brazell, Department of the Treasury
Benjamin Bridges, Social Security Administration
J. David Brown, U.S. Census Bureau
Jeffrey R. Brown, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and NBER
Nicholas Bull, Joint Committee on Taxation
Aaron Butz, Congressional Budget Office
Curtis Carlson, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Niraj Chokshi, The New York Times
Adam Cole, Department of the Treasury
George Contos, Internal Revenue Service
Nancy Cook, "Politico"
Tim Dowd, Joint Committee on Taxation
Jesse Edgerton, Federal Reserve Board
Tracy Foertsch, Department of the Treasury
David Fox, Government Accountability Office
Robert Gillette, Department of the Treasury
Jane Gravelle, Congressional Research Service
Jennifer Gravelle, General Accounting Office
Edward Harris, Congressional Budget Office
James R. Hines, University of Michigan and NBER
Bobby Hodges, Internal Revenue Service
Sarah Holden, Investment Company Institute
Janet Holtzblatt, Urban Institute
Laurence Jacobson, Office of Management and Budget
Scott Jaquette, Department of the Treasury
Craig Johnson, Department of the Treasury
David Joulfaian, Department of the Treasury
Laura Kawano, University of Michigan
Jeffrey R. Kling, Congressional Budget Office and NBER
Gene Kuehneman, Retired
Sally Kwak, Joint Committee on Taxation
Paul Landefeld, Joint Committee on Taxation
Jeff Larrimore, Federal Reserve Board
Allen Lerman, retired
Jeffrey B. Liebman, Harvard University and NBER
Ithai Lurie, U.S. Department of the Treasury
Elaine Maag, The Urban Institute
James B. Mackie, Ernst & Young
Joyce M. Manchester, Congressional Budget Office
Donald Marron, The Urban Institute
Thornton Matheson, Consultant
Aparna Mathur, Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
John McClelland, Congressional Budget Office
Jamie McGuire, Joint Committee on Taxation
Thomas Miller, American Enterprise Institute
Shannon Mok, Congressional Budget Office
Anne Moore, Department of the Treasury
Rachel Moore, Joint Committee on Taxation
Jacob Mortenson, Joint Committee on Taxation
Casey B. Mulligan, University of Chicago and NBER
Athiphat Muthitacharoen, Chulalongkorn University
Edward Nannenhorn, Government Accountability Office
John Navratil, Joint Committee on Taxation
Daniel Newlon, American Economic Association
Ankur Patel, Department of the Treasury
James Pearce, Congressional Budget Office
Ioana M. Petrescu, Harvard University
Neil Pinney, Government Accountability Office
laura j. power, Department of the Treasury
Ronald Promboin, retired
Marshall B. Reinsdorf, Independent Consultant
Zachary Richards, Joint Committee on Taxation
Alan Rozzi, Government Accountability Office
Kim Rueben, The Urban Institute
Karl Russo, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Andrew A. Samwick, Dartmouth College and NBER
Danielle Sandler, U.S. Census Bureau
Jonathan Schwabish, Urban Institute
Judith Scott-Clayton, Columbia University and NBER
Molly Sherlock, Congressional Budget Office
Thomas Short, Government Accountability Office
David Splinter, Joint Committee on Taxation
Joanna Stamatiades, Government Accountability Office
Anne Stevens, Government Accountability Office
Michael Stevens, Department of the Treasury
Michael Strudler, Internal Revenue Service
Lori Stuntz, Internal Revenue Service
Kathleen Toma, Joint Committee on Taxation
Shamik Trivedi, "Tax Notes"
Nicholas Turner, Federal Reserve Board
Alan Viard, American Enterprise Institute
Jack Wang, Government Accountability Office
David Weiner, Brookings-Urban Tax Policy Center
Elwood White, Government Accountability Office
Jim White, Government Accountability Office
Julie M. Whittaker, Congressional Research Service
James Wozny, Government Accountability Office
Alexander Yuskavage, Department of the Treasury

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