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Laura Alfaro, Harvard University and NBER
Philippe Bacchetta, University of Lausanne
Marianne Baxter, Boston University and NBER
Carola Binder, Haverford College
Christoph Boehm, University of Texas at Austin and NBER
Alberto Cavallo, Harvard University and NBER
Menzie D. Chinn, University of Wisconsin-Madison and NBER
Mariano Max Croce, Bocconi University
Mario J. Crucini, Purdue University and NBER
Alejandro Cuñat, University of Vienna
Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Wenxin Du, University of Chicago and NBER
Kristin Forbes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Marcel Fratzscher, DIW Berlin
Xavier Gabaix, Harvard University and NBER
Fabio Ghironi, University of Washington and NBER
Linda S. Goldberg, Federal Reserve Bank of New York and NBER
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, University of California, Berkeley
Galina Hale, University of California, Santa Cruz and NBER
Espen Henriksen, Norwegian Business School
Takatoshi Ito, Columbia University and NBER
Zhe Jiang, Reed College
Daisoon Kim, North Carolina State University
Michael W. Klein, Tufts University and NBER
David Kohn, Universidad Catolica de Chile
Povilas Lastauskas, Bank of Lithuania
Fernando Leibovici, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Karen K. Lewis, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Andrew Lilley, Harvard University
Nelson Lind, Emory University
Matteo Maggiori, Stanford University and NBER
Ferdinando Monte, Georgetown University and NBER
Dmitry Mukhin, London School of Economics
Emi Nakamura, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Kanda Naknoi, University of Connecticut
Jordan J. Norris, New York University Abu Dhabi
Jens C. Orben, Deutsche Bundesbank
Diego J. Perez, New York University and NBER
Paolo A. Pesenti, Federal Reserve Bank of New York and NBER
Sophie Piton, Bank of England
Richard Portes, London Business School and NBER
Pavol Povala, Norges Bank Investment Management
Alessandro Rebucci, Johns Hopkins University and NBER
Ricardo M. Reyes-Heroles, Federal Reserve Board
Katheryn Russ, University of California, Davis and NBER
Felipe Saffie, University of Virginia
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé, Columbia University and NBER
Raphael Schoenle, Brandeis University
Peter K. Schott, Yale University and NBER
Jesse Schreger, Columbia University and NBER
Hyun Song Shin, Bank for International Settlements
Ina Simonovska, University of California, Davis and NBER
Sanjay R. Singh, University of California, Davis
Adam H. Spencer, The University of Nottingham (UK)
Deborah L. Swenson, University of California, Davis and NBER
Alan M. Taylor, University of California, Davis and NBER
Rosen Valchev, Boston College
Liliana Varela, London School of Economics
Adrien Verdelhan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Carolina Villegas-Sanchez, ESADE Business School
Vadym Volosovych, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Francis E. Warnock, University of Virginia and NBER
Kei-Mu Yi, University of Houston and NBER
Luca Zavalloni, Bank of Ireland
Andrei Zlate, Federal Reserve Board

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