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Pooyan Amir-Ahmadi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stanislav Anatolyev, New Economic School
Jonas E. Arias, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Jushan Bai, Columbia University
Michael D. Bauer, Universität Hamburg
Francesco Bianchi, Johns Hopkins University and NBER
Tim Bollerslev, Duke University and NBER
Svetlana Bryzgalova, London Business School
Ricardo J. Caballero, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Andrea Carriero, Queen Mary University of London
Carlos Carvalho, PUC-Rio
Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi, Bank of England
Minsu Chang, Georgetown University
Yoosoon Chang, Indiana University
John Chao, University of Maryland
Huaizhi Chen, University of Notre Dame
Xiaohong Chen, Yale University
Alexander M. Chinco, Baruch College
Dean Croushore, University of Richmond
Richard K. Crump, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Thorsten Drautzburg, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Leland E. Farmer, University of Virginia
Andrew Foerster, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Bulat N. Gafarov, University of California, Davis
Anisha Ghosh, McGill University
Saurabh Ghosh, Reserve Bank of India
Domenico Giannone,
Nikolay Gospodinov, Federal Reserve Bank of Altanta
Maria Grith, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Refet S. Gürkaynak, Bilkent University
Sinem Hacioglu, Bank of England
Peter Reinhard Hansen, University of North Carolina
Samuel Hanson, Harvard University and NBER
Kirstin Hubrich, Federal Reserve Board
Andreas Joseph, Bank of England
Burçin Kısacıkoğlu, Bilkent University
Howard Kung, London Business School
Vegard Larsen, Norges Bank
Eben Lazarus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Blake D. LeBaron, Brandeis University
Daniel Lewis, University College London
Marco Lombardi, Bank for International Settlements
Jose Lopez, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Sydney C. Ludvigson, New York University and NBER
Kurt G. Lunsford, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Simone Manganelli, European Central Bank
Nelson Mark, University of Notre Dame and NBER
Michael McCracken, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Christoph Meinerding, Deutsche Bundesbank
Jose L. Montiel Olea, Columbia University
Philippe Mueller, Warwick University
Serena Ng, Columbia University and NBER
Kristoffer Nimark, Cornell University
Toshiaki Ogawa, Bank of Japan
Andrew Patton, Duke University
Bradley Paye, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Denis Pelletier, North Carolina State University
Davide Pettenuzzo, Brandeis University
Mikkel Plagborg-Møller, Princeton University
Pavol Povala, Norges Bank Investment Management
Giorgio Primiceri, Northwestern University and NBER
Seth Pruitt, Arizona State University
Alessandro Rebucci, Johns Hopkins University and NBER
Alberto G. Rossi, Georgetown University
Guillaume Roussellet, McGill University
Glenn D. Rudebusch, Brookings Institution
Riccardo Sabbatucci, Stockholm School of Economics
Lawrence Schmidt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Frank Schorfheide, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Scott Schuh, West Virginia University
Or Shachar, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Neil Shephard, Harvard University
Minchul Shin, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Allen Sinai, Decision Economics
Elvira Sojli, University of New South Wales
Dongho Song, Johns Hopkins University
Bent Sorensen, University of Houston
Fallaw Sowell, Carnegie Mellon University
James H. Stock, Harvard University and NBER
Eric T. Swanson, University of California, Irvine and NBER
Andrea Tambalotti, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Anthony Tay, Singapore Management University
Wing W. Tham, University of New South Wales
Allan Timmermann, University of California at San Diego
Daniel F. Waggoner, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Wendun Wang, Erasmus University
Shingo Watanabe, Bank of Japan
Michael Weber, University of Chicago and NBER
Kenneth D. West, University of Wisconsin-Madison and NBER
Jonathan H. Wright, Johns Hopkins University and NBER
Mao Ye, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management and NBER
Tao Zha, Emory University and NBER
Molin Zhong, Federal Reserve Board

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