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Idris Adjerid, Virginia Tech
Ashwini Agrawal, London School of Economics
Yannis Bakos, New York University
Fernando Ballabriga, ESADE
Ravi Bapna, University of Minnesota
Wei Chen, University of California, San Diego
Rajiv Garg, University of Texas at Austin
Ronald Goettler, University of Chicago
Jerome Hergueux, ETH Zurich
Peng Huang, University of Maryland
Masakazu Ishihara, New York University
John Langford, Microsoft
Bertin Martens, European Commission
Stephen Merrill, Duke University
Mike Meurer, Boston University
Geoffrey Parker, Tulane University
Jui Ramaprasad, University of Maryland
Anita Rao, University of Chicago
Shachar Reichman, Tel Aviv University
Christian Rojas, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Scott Savage, University of Colorado
Pierre Therrien, Industry Canada
Alina Tourkova, The World Bank
Akhmed Umyarov
Simon Wakeman, New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
Dylan Walker, New York University
Andreas S. Weigend, Stanford University
D.j. Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Marios Zachariadis, University of Cyprus



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