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Maria Carreri, University of California San Diego
Cédric Chambru, University of Zurich
Anna Dagorret, Stanford University
Jon Eguia, Michigan State University
Eleonora Guarnieri, University of Exeter
Emeric Henry, Sciences Po
Federica Izzo, University of California at San Digeo
Andreas Kleiner, Arizona State University
Humberto Laudares, University of Geneva
Roee Levy, Tel Aviv University
Zhao Li, Princeton University
Jessie Liu, Johns Hopkins University
Matt Lowe, University of British Columbia
Nicola Mastrorocco, Trinity College Dublin
Emanuel Ornelas, Sao Paulo School of Economics
Thorsten Rogall, University of British Columbia
Marcos Manuel Salgado, Stanford University
Jonathan Schulz, George Mason University
Kenneth Shepsle, Harvard University
Ahmed Skali, University of Groningen
Francesco Squintani, University of Warwick
Takuo Sugaya, Stanford University
Felipe Valencia Caicedo, University of British Columbia
Warren Whatley, University of Michigan
Cole R. Williams, University of Vienna
Yi Xin, California Institute of Technology

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