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Drago Bergholt, Norges Bank
Mark Bognanni, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Paolo Bonomolo, De Nederlandsche Bank
Carlos Carvalho, PUC-Rio
Edouard Challe, Ecole Polytechnique
Yoosoon Chang, Indiana University
Taeyoung Doh, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Maya R. Eden, Brandeis University
Valentina Gavazza, Stockholm University
Cars Hommes, Bank of Canada
Joao V. Issler, FGV
Andreas Joseph, Bank of England
Baris Kaymak, University of Montreal
Vegard Larsen, Norges Bank
Eben Lazarus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oksana Leukhina, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
David C. S. Leung, McGill University
Marco Lombardi, Bank for International Settlements
Aytek Malkhozov, Federal Reserve Board
Sephorah J. Mangin, Australian National University
Caterina Mendicino, European Central Bank
Sara Moreira, Northwestern University
Kristoffer Nimark, Cornell University
Toshiaki Ogawa, Bank of Japan
Alan Olivi, University College London
Morten G. Olsen, University of Copenhagen
Assaf Patir, Hebrew University
Bradley Paye, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Stanislav Rabinovich, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pontus Rendahl, University of Cambridge
Alexander W. Richter, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Alberto G. Rossi, Georgetown University
Francisco Ruge-Murcia, McGill University
Isabelle Salle, Bank of Canada
Clara Santamaria, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Andres P. Sarto, New York University
A. Lee Smith, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Elvira Sojli, University of New South Wales
Mark Staley, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Coen N. Teulings, Utrecht University
Wing W. Tham, University of New South Wales
Chung Tran, Australian National University
John d. Tsoukalas, University of Glasgow
Antonella Tutino, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Lawrence Warren, U.S. Census Bureau
Shingo Watanabe, Bank of Japan
Eran Yashiv, Tel Aviv University
Luca Zavalloni, Bank of Ireland
Molin Zhong, Federal Reserve Board

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