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Anna Airoldi, New York University
Guy Aridor, Northwestern University
Or Avishay-Rizi, Tel-Aviv University
Yeon Ju Baik, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Daniel Björkegren, Brown University
Maxime Bonelli, HEC Paris
Dennis J. Campbell, University of Virginia
Aviv M. Caspi, Cornell University
AJ Yuan Chen, University of Southern California
Xiaomeng Chen, Cornell University
Cody Cook, Stanford University
Alexander Copestake, International Monetary Fund
Shaoyin Du, University of Rochester
Luise Eisfeld, Toulouse School of Economics
Atiye Cansu Erol, University of Pennsylvania
Agata Farina, New York University
Samuel Goldberg, Northwestern University
Avi Goldfarb, University of Toronto and NBER
Shane Greenstein, Harvard University and NBER
George Gui, Stanford University
Philip Hanspach, European University Institute
Lisa Y. Ho, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hao Hu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Can Huang, University of California, Berkeley
Stephen Michael Impink, New York University
Shinjae Jang, Rice University
Rebecca Janßen, ZEW Mannheim
Jikhan Jeong, Florida Polytechnic University
Rafael Jimenez, University of Chicago
Aarushi Kalra, Brown University
Hyunwook Kang, Texas A&M
Sukhun Kang, London Business School
rupali kaul, Stanford University
Aaron Kaye, University of Michigan
Gyu Hyun Kim, Iowa State University
Malika Korganbekova, Northwestern University
Nikita Kotsenko, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mario Leccese, University of Maryland
Jung Youn Lee, Rice University
Xiaoxia Lei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Faqiang Li, Pennsylvania State University
Pearl Z. Li, Stanford University
Yuxiao Li, University of Chicago
Jinan Lin, University of California Irvine
Yanli Lin, Ohio State University
Carol Hengheng Lu, Stanford University
Wei Lu, University of Toronto
Ilya Lukibanov, University of Southern California
Théo Marquis, University Paris-Saclay
Alex Moehring, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Giovanni Montanari, New York University
Zanele T. Munyikwa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Leon Musolff, Princeton University
Olivia R. Natan, University of California, Berkeley
Han Loong. Ng, Pennsylvania State University
Robin Ng, Universite Catholique de Louvain
The Linh Bao Nguyen, University of Maryland
Thi Mai Anh Nguyen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gbadebo Odularu, Bay Atlantic University
Prasanna Parasurama, New York University
Lindsey R. Raymond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Angela S. Ryu, Columbia University
Suproteem K. Sarkar, Harvard University
Fiona Scott Morton, Yale University and NBER
Regina Seibel, University of Zurich
Vatsala Shreeti, Toulouse School of Economics
Fangfei Shu, University of Southern California
Michael Sullivan, Yale University
Chenshuo Sun, New York University
Xuan Teng, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Matteo Tranchero, University of California at Berkeley
Catherine Tucker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Freyja van den Boom, Bournemouth University
Daniel A. Vignon, New York University
Joel Waldfogel, University of Minnesota and NBER
Xiaoning Wang, University of Pennsylvania
Thomas J. Weinandy, Western Michigan University
Kathrin Wernsdorf, Munich Graduate School of Economics
Nataliya L. Wright, Harvard University
Shunyao Yan, Goethe University Frankfurt
Bo Yang, University of Southern California
Jeremy Yang, Harvard Business School
Matthew R. Yeaton, Columbia University
Chuan Yu, Stanford University
Helen Shuxuan Zeng, Carnegie Mellon University
Shuo Zhang, University of California at Santa Barbara
Walter W. Zhang, University of Chicago
Wei Zhou, University of Arizona

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