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Below is a list of conference attendees.
Daniel Agness, University of California at Berkeley
Emily Aiken, University of California at Berkeley
Claudia Allende Santa Cruz, University of Chicago
Sofia Amaral, ifo Institute and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Jørgen Juel Andersen, BI Norwegian Business School
Noam Angrist, University of Oxford
Francis Annan, Georgia State University
S Anukriti, The World Bank
Igor Asanov, University of Kassel
Pablo Balan, Harvard University
Clare Balboni, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Travis Baseler, University of Rochester
Suzanne Bellue, University of Mannheim
Augustin Bergeron, Harvard University
Susanna Berkouwer, University of Pennsylvania
Anne Brockmeyer, World Bank
Rossella Calvi, Rice University
Juan Camilo Castillo, University of Pennsylvania
Julieta Caunedo, Cornell University
Tiago Cavalcanti, University of Cambridge
Cyril Chalendard, International Trade Centre (UN-WTO agency)
Josh Dean, University of Chicago
Lelys Dinarte, The World Bank
Patricio Domínguez Rivera, University of California at Berkeley
Kevin Donovan, Yale University
Alejandro Estefan, University of Notre Dame
Caroline Fry, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Rob Garlick, Duke University
Erin Grela, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mariaflavia Harari, University of Pennsylvania
Morgan Hardy, New York University Abu Dhabi
Radhika Jain, Stanford University
Terence Johnson, University of Notre Dame
Anne Karing, Princeton University
Matt Lowe, University of British Columbia
Madeline McKelway, Stanford University
Priya Mukherjee, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Suanna Oh, Paris School of Economics
Oyebola Okunogbe, World Bank Research Group
Jackline Oluoch-Aridi, Strathmore University and University of Notre Dame
Matthew Pecenco, University of California at Berkeley
Santiago Perez, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Manaswini Rao, University of California at San Diego
Jonah Rexer, University of Pennsylvania
Bob Rijkers, The World Bank
Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf
Sebastian Schneider, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods
Ashish Shenoy, University of California, Davis
Matthias Sutter, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods
Gabriel Tourek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and J-PAL
Margaret Triyana, Wake Forest University
Andrew Zeitlin, Georgetown University

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