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The format for each paper will be a 20-minute presentation by the author, followed by one 15-minute discussion, and then another 15 minutes of general audience discussion.



John M. Abowd, Cornell University and NBER
Katharine G. Abraham, University of Maryland and NBER
Anjali Adukia, University of Chicago and NBER
Hie Joo Ahn, Federal Reserve Board
Randall Akee, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Francisca M. Antman, University of Colorado Boulder
Vipin Arora, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Alison Aughinbaugh, US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bocar A. Ba, Duke University and NBER
E. Jason Baron, Duke University and NBER
Sergio E. Barrera, Virginia Tech
Randy A. Becker, U.S. Census Bureau
Alexander Berry, Econ One Research, Inc.
Benjamin R. Bridgman, Bureau of Economic Analysis
J. David Brown, U.S. Census Bureau
Victoria L. Bryant, Internal Revenue Service
Nathalie Budiman, Pew Research Center
Kevin Deardorff, US Census Bureau
Bethany S. DeSalvo, U.S. Census Bureau
Connor Dowd, Joint Committee on Taxation
Joseph J. Doyle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Keenan Dworak-Fisher, US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Jonathan Eggleston, U.S. Census Bureau
John Eltinge, U.S. Census Bureau
Natalia Emanuel, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Jason Faberman, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Keith Finlay, U.S. Census Bureau
Andrew Foote, U.S. Census Bureau
Lucia S. Foster, U.S. Census Bureau
Liana Fox, U.S. Census Bureau
Marina Gindelsky, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Jacob Goldin, University of Chicago and NBER
John Guyton, Internal Revenue Service
Bradley Hardy, Georgetown University
Rebecca Heller, Congressional Budget Office
Judith K. Hellerstein, University of Maryland and NBER
Alice Henriques Volz, Federal Reserve Board
Thomas Hertz, Department of the Treasury
Peter Hull, Brown University and NBER
Henry R. Hyatt, U.S. Census Bureau
Adam Isen, Johns Hopkins University
Ron S. Jarmin, U.S. Census Bureau
Eric B. Jensen, U.S. Census Bureau
David Johnson, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Nicholas Jones, U.S. Census Bureau
Lawrence F. Katz, Harvard University and NBER
Mark A. Klee, U.S. Census Bureau
Shawn D. Klimek, Department of Commerce
Illenin O. Kondo, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Mark J. Kutzbach, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Patrick Langetieg, Internal Revenue Service
Stephan Lefebvre, Bucknell University
Elizabeth Linos, Harvard University
Mark Loewenstein, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Mark Hugo Lopez, Pew Research Center
Adela Luque, U.S. Census Bureau
Molly Maloney, University of California, Irvine
Robert McClelland, Tax Policy Center
Erika McEntarfer, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Kevin L. McKinney, U.S. Census Bureau
Bruce D. Meyer, University of Chicago and NBER
Nikolas Mittag, CERGE-EI
Robert A. Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University and NBER
Kevin Moore, Federal Reserve Board
Michael G. Mueller-Smith, University of Michigan and NBER
David Neumark, University of California, Irvine and NBER
Sabrina Pabilonia, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Shen Peng, Reveal Global Consulting
David Piccone, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Kevin K. Pierce, Internal Revenue Service
Anne Polivka, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Sonya Porter, U.S. Census Bureau
Kevin Rinz, Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Jonathan Roth, Brown University
Cecilia E. Rouse, The Brookings Institution
Jeremy Rudd, Federal Reserve Board
Pavani Samala, Reveal Global Consulting
Kristin Sandusky, US Census Bureau
James Spletzer, U.S. Census Bureau, retired
Martha Stinson, U.S. Census Bureau
Cristina Tello-Trillo, U.S. Census Bureau
Avinash Varma, Reveal Global Consulting
Dave Waddington, U.S. Census Bureau
Jia Wan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David W. Wilcox, Peterson Institute
Taylor Wilson, Reveal Global Consulting
Abigail K. Wozniak, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Derek Wu, University of Virginia

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In addition to working papers, the NBER disseminates affiliates’ latest findings through a range of free periodicals — the NBER Reporter, the NBER Digest, the Bulletin on Retirement and Disability, the Bulletin on Health, and the Bulletin on Entrepreneurship — as well as online conference reports, video lectures, and interviews.

15th Annual Feldstein Lecture, Mario Draghi, "The Next Flight of the Bumblebee: The Path to Common Fiscal Policy in the Eurozone cover slide
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Dr. Mario Draghi, who served as President of the European Central Bank and Prime Minister of Italy, presented the 2023...
2023 Methods Lectures, Jesse Shapiro and Liyang (Sophie) Sun, "Linear Panel Event Studies" Primary tabs
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Overview: Linear panel event studies are increasingly used to estimate and plot causal effects of changes in policies...
2023, SI Economics of Social Security, Panel Discussion, "Long-Term Dynamics of the Employment-to-Population Ratio" Primary tabs
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Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Lynde and Harry Bradley...