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Nicholas C. Barberis, Yale University and NBER
Justin Birru, Ohio State University
John Y. Campbell, Harvard University and NBER
Stefano Cassella, Tilburg University
Alexander M. Chinco, Baruch College
James J. Choi, Yale University and NBER
Taha Choukhmane, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Francesco D’Acunto, Georgetown University
Benjamin Enke, Harvard University and NBER
Stefano Giglio, Yale University and NBER
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Yale University and NBER
Niels Joachim Gormsen, University of Chicago
Umit Gurun, University of Texas at Dallas
Dirk Hackbarth, Boston University
Samuel M. Hartzmark, Boston College and NBER
Zhiguo He, University of Chicago and NBER
Rawley Z. Heimer, Boston College
Xing Huang, Washington University in St. Louis
Alex Imas, University of Chicago and NBER
Lawrence J. Jin, Cornell University
Matthias Kahl, University of California at Los Angeles
Peter Kelly, University of Notre Dame
Shimon Kogan, Reichman University
George M. Korniotis, University of Miami
Owen Lamont, Wellington Management
Eben Lazarus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jiacui Li, University of Utah
Yukun Liu, University of Rochester
Lars A. Lochstoer, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Ulrike Malmendier, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Ben Matthies, University of Notre Dame
Peter Maxted, University of California Berkeley
Tyler Muir, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Christopher Palmer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Jonathan A. Parker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Cameron Peng, London School of Economics
Christopher Polk, London School of Economics
Tarun Ramadorai, Imperial College London
Enrichetta Ravina, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Christopher Roth, University of Cologne
Shrihari Santosh, University of Maryland
Andrei Shleifer, Harvard University and NBER
Kelly Shue, Yale University and NBER
Andrei Simonov, Michigan State University
Alp Simsek, Yale University and NBER
Emil Siriwardane, Harvard University and NBER
Eric C. So, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David H. Solomon, Boston College
Oliver G. Spalt, University of Mannheim
Jeremy C. Stein, Harvard University and NBER
Luis M. Viceira, Harvard University and NBER
Keith Vorkink, Brigham Young University
Baolian Wang, University of Florida
Michael Weber, University of Chicago and NBER
Hongjun Yan, DePaul University
Mao Ye, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management and NBER

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In addition to working papers, the NBER disseminates affiliates’ latest findings through a range of free periodicals — the NBER Reporter, the NBER Digest, the Bulletin on Retirement and Disability, the Bulletin on Health, and the Bulletin on Entrepreneurship — as well as online conference reports, video lectures, and interviews.

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