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Postdoctoral Fellows

Aging and Health Research

Supported by the National Institute on Aging and NBER

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Samuel Arenberg Profile Photo
Samuel Arenberg, The University of Texas at Austin

Samuel Arenberg is researching the relationship between place of birth and longevity in the United States.

Headshot of Maggie Shi
Maggie Shi, Columbia University

Maggie Shi is studying how policy decisions shape provider and patient behavior, and the implications for healthcare cost and quality.

Diversity in Economics

Supported by NBER

Luis Armona Profile Photo
Luis Armona, Stanford University

Luis Armona is studying the market for online higher education as well as the design of student loan programs.

Economics of an Aging Workforce

Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Olivia Kim Profile Photo
Olivia S. Kim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Olivia S. Kim is investigating the interplay between social insurance programs and household-level decisions that bear on health outcomes in under-represented populations.

Environmental and Energy Economics

Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Michael Ricks Profile Photo
Michael Ricks, University of Michigan

Michael Ricks is exploring the design of tax and subsidy programs in energy markets, with particular reference to alternative energy sources.

Interjurisdictional Tax Competition

Supported by Arnold Ventures

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Cailin Slattery Profile Photo
Cailin Slattery, Columbia University

Cailin Slattery is studying trade-offs among the various policy instruments that governments use to regulate business activity.

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Tidiane LY Profile Photo
Tidiane Ly, University of Lugano

Tidiane Ly is investigating the welfare effect of tax havens by estimating models of how governments set tax rates in a competitive environment.

Long-Term Fiscal Policy

Supported by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Irina Popova
Irina Popova, Goethe University Frankfurt

Irina Popova is investigating various aspects of long-term fiscal policy, focusing on the fiscal implications of migration flows to developed economies.

Postdoctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Anson Zhou Profile picture
Anson Zhou, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anson Zhou is studying aspects of long-term fiscal policy, focusing on the macroeconomic impacts of government policies that subsidize families with children.

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Economic Outcomes

Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Ranae Jabri Profile Photo
Ranae Jabri, Duke University

Ranae Jabri’s research focuses on the economic impact of disparities in the criminal justice system.

Retirement and Disability Policy Research

Supported by the US Social  Security Administration

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Zhixiu Yu Profile Photo
Zhixiu Yu, University of Minnesota

Zhixiu Yu is investigating the interplay between social insurance programs and household-level decisions that bear on health outcomes in underrepresented populations.





Graduate Fellows

Aging and Health Research

Supported by the National Institute on Aging and NBER

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Aaron Berman Profile Photo
Aaron Berman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aaron Berman is studying factors that influence the take-up of health care, particularly vaccines, in developed and developing countries.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Travis Donahoe Profile Photo
J. Travis Donahoe, Harvard University

Travis Donahoe’s research examines social and economic determinants of mortality, with an emphasis on harmful substance-related deaths in the United States.

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Geoffrey Kocks Profile Photo
Geoffrey Kocks, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Geoffrey Kocks is focusing on the impact of various policy interventions on educational and racial disparities in health outcomes.

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Chika Okafor Profile Photo
Chika Okafor, Harvard University

Chika Okafor is studying health disparities arising from the criminal justice system and from climate change.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Anna Russo Profile Photo
Anna Russo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Anna Russo is investigating the efficiency and distributional consequences of capacity constraints and rationing in health care.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Ilana Salant Profile Photo
Ilana Salant, Harvard University

Ilana Salant is studying the industrial organization of healthcare providers, including effects of private equity on hospital markets and effects of vertical integration between providers and insurers.

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Myles Wagner Profile Photo
Myles Wagner, Harvard University

Myles Wagner is researching selection and policy design in health insurance markets.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Matthew Zahn Profile Photo
Matthew Zahn, Johns Hopkins University

Matthew Zahn is examining how competition between payers and providers in healthcare markets affects health outcomes.

Behavioral Macroeconomics

Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Luisa Cefala
Luisa Cefala, University of California, Berkeley

Luisa Cefala of the University of California, Berkeley is conducting research on the role of memory in the formation of beliefs and expectations.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - John Conlon Profile Photo
John Conlon, Harvard University

John Conlon is investigating how expectation formation responds to information, particularly in the context of students’ choices about education.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Mateo Velásquez-Giraldo Profile Photo
Mateo Velásquez-Giraldo, Johns Hopkins University

Mateo Velásquez-Giraldo is studying how survey measures of macroeconomic beliefs can help explain life-cycle consumption and portfolio decisions.

Spencer Yongwook Kwon
Spencer Yongwook Kwon, Harvard University

Spencer Yongwook Kwon of Harvard University is investigatng the macroeconomic implications of learning and information processing by behavioral agents.

Consumer Financial Management

Supported by the Institute of Consumer Money Management

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Menaka Hampole Profile Photo
Menaka Hampole, Northwestern University

Menaka Hampole is studying how access to financial aid affects post-college earnings trajectories.

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Jing Xian Ng Profile Photo
Jing Xian Ng, University of Pennsylvania

Jing Xian Ng is using lenders’ requirements that borrowers purchase private mortgage insurance to study the determinants of household consumption and saving behavior.

Energy Economics

Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Lauren Beatty
Lauren Beatty, University of Maryland

Lauren Beatty is investigating public policies that affect methane emissions from oil and gas production.

Elise Breshear
Elise Breshears, Michigan State University

Elise Breshears is exploring how redlining in mortgage markets affects the energy efficiency of the housing stock.

Gender in the Economy

Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 Amy Burnett Cross Profile Photo
Amy Burnett Cross, American University

Amy Burnett Cross is examining how women serving in combat beginning in 2016, and gender desegregation of the Army in 1977, affected women’s participation in male-dominated civilian occupations.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Lisa Ho Profile Photo
Lisa Ho, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lisa Ho is researching the value of flexibility in location, hours, and multitasking in increasing female labor force participation, and the role of part-time, at-home work as a stepping stone to full-time, away-from-home employment.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Dev Patel Profile Photo
Dev Patel, Harvard University

Dev Patel is exploring the impact of a World War II-era ban on female employment in India’s mines on women’s outcomes.

Retirement and Disability Policy Research

Supported by the US Social  Security Administration

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Johnny Huhnh Profile Photo
Johnny Huynh, University of California, Los Angeles

Johnny Huynh is studying the impact of disability compensation on military veterans’ well-being.

Post-Doctoral Fellow 2022-2023 - Ari Ne'eman
Ari Ne'eman, Harvard University

Ari Ne'eman is analyzing how changes in Medicaid policy affect the utilization of long-term services and supports as well as disability employment outcomes.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Cesia Sanchez Profile Photo
Cesia Sanchez, University of California, Berkeley

Cesia Sanchez is investigating how economic shocks experienced by early-career workers affect the retirement decisions of their parents.

Graduate Fellow 2022-2023 - Christine Szerman Profile Photo
Christiane Szerman, Princeton University

Christiane Szerman is studying the impact of affirmative action regulations on workers and firms.