Selected Press Coverage

August 7, 2018, The Washington Post, by Megan McArdle
"Your workplace wellness program probably isn't making you healthier"
Story reprinted by Chicago Tribune; Tulsa World; Herald Tribune; Savannah Now
August 6, 2018, The New York Times, by Aaron Carroll
"Workplace Wellness Programs Don't Work Well. Why Some Studies Show Otherwise."
July 31, 2018, Knowable Magazine from Annual Reviews, by Alla Katsnelson
"Do 'workplace wellness' programs work?"
April, 2018, The NBER Digest, by Steve Maas
"Assessing an Illinois Workplace Wellness Program"
February 27, 2018, Forbes, by Alan Kohll
"Are You Measuring The Real Impact of Your Employee Wellness Program?"
January 26, 2018, Bloomberg, By Rebecca Greenfield
"Workplace Wellness Programs Really Don't Work"
Story reprinted by The Chicago Tribune; SFGate;; New Zealand Herald; Insurance Journal; The Durango Herald; Kaiser Health News; Herald-Tribune; Los Angeles Times; Financial Post

Selected Podcast and Radio Coverage

November 25, 2019, Conversable Economist, by Timothy Taylor
"Workplace Wellness Policies: Disappointing Evidence"
January 9, 2019, Redesigning Wellness, by Jen Arnold
"Breaking down the University of Illinois Workplace Wellness Study with David Molitor and Julian Reif"
August 23, 2018, BYU Radio, by Julie Rose
"Reprieve for Coal, Hawaii's Early Electricity, Corporate Wellness Programs"
February 28, 2018, Illinois Public Media, by Niala Boodhoo
"Employees' Health & Wellness"
Febraury 16, 2018, Marketplace, by Tracey Samuelson
"Do corporate wellness programs work?"
January 25, 2018, Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM, Hosted by Peter Cappelli and Iwan Barankay
"In the Workplace"

More Press Coverage

April 16, 2020, New England Journal of Medicine, by Amy Finkelstein
"A Strategy for Improving U.S. Health Care Delivery—Conducting More Randomized, Controlled Trials"
April 2020, Stanford Social Innovation Review , Marilyn Harris
"Ineffective Workplace Wellness"
March 9, 2020, Bridge michigan Health Watch
"How Michigan hospitals and businesses try to keep workers happy, healthy"
March 4, 2020, New York Times, by Sanam Yar
"Can Wellness Heal the Workplace?"
March 4, 2020, MedPage Today, Nicole Lou
"Workplace Wellness Program Triumphs for Hypertension: Two-thirds meet blood pressure target after 2 years"
January 16, 2020, Consumer Reports, Sally Wadyka
"Are Workplace Wellness Programs a Privacy Problem?"
October 4, 2019, Los Angeles Times, Michael Hiltzik
"Trump runs dry on healthcare ideas, promotes wellness programs known to be useless"
August 29, 2019, Health Payer Intelligence, Kelsey Waddill
"Wellness Programs Focus on Employee Health, Less on Spending"
August 21, 2019, Modern Healthcare, Alex Kacik
"Wellness programs grow quickly but efficacy still open for debate"
August 14, 2019, Harvard Business Review, Charlotte Lieberman
"What Wellness Programs Don't Do for Workers"
August 13, 2019, Harvard health Publishing, Robert Shmerling
"Do employee wellness programs actually work?"
July 27, 2019, Benefit News, Chris Skisak
"Would wellness programs work if strategically linked to benefit plan design?"
June 28, 2019, Corporate Wellness Magazine , Brittany U. Carter
"Crafting Wellness Programs That Engage Employees Requires Self-Reported Data"
April 26, 2019, HR Dive, Lisa Burden
"Wellness plans provide few benefits, study of BJ's Wholesale Club reveals"
April 18, 2019, MinnPost, by Carey Susan Perry
"Workplace wellness programs: Study casts doubt on effectiveness"
April 18, 2019, Kaiser Health News, by Julie Appleby
"Workplace Wellness Programs Barely Move The Needle, Study Finds"
Story reprinted by Seattle Times
April 18, 2019, Biz Women, Caitlin Mullen
"Workplace wellness programs short on results, researchers say"
April 16, 2019, National Public Radio, Julie Appleby
"How Well Do Workplace Wellness Programs Work?"
April 16, 2019, WBUR, By Carey Goldberg
"Harvard Study On Workplace Wellness: Behaviors Change But Health Does Not, So Far"
April 16, 2019, Modern Healthcare, by Steven Ross Johnson
"Workplace wellness programs don't improve employee health: study"
April 16, 2019, JAMA Network, by Jean Marie Abraham, PhD
"Employer Wellness Programs, A Work in Progress"
April 16, 2019, CNBC @ Work, by Eric Rosenbaum
"For 50 million Americans on the workplace wellness treadmill, test results are back, and they are not good"
April 16, 2019, Harvard Medical School, by Jake Miller
"Study: Wellness Programs Do Little to Improve Health, Lower Spending"
Story reprinted by UChicago News
March 20, 2019, Becker's Hospital Review, by Morgan Haefner
"Employer wellness programs don't cut healthcare costs, study suggests"
January 14, 2019, Mens Health, by Jamie Millar
"Should Companies Invest More in Workplace Wellness?"
January 14, 2019, MIT Sloan Management Review, by David Hauser
"Do Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work?"
January 10, 2019, Society for Human Resource Management, Joanne Sammer
"Crafting Wellness Efforts for Those Most in Need of Them"
November 29, 2018, The Outline, by Angela Lashbrook
"Your Boss Wants You Healthy For All The Wrong Reasons"
December 13, 2018, NBER
NBER Interview with Damon Jones
October 3, 2018, Harvard Business Review, by Michael C. Sokol
"How to Gauge the Effectiveness of Employee Wellness Programs"
September 24, 2018, Strategy+Business, by Julie Hobsbawm
"Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fall Short"
September 24, 2018, Kaiser Health News, by Julie Appleby
"Blood, Sweat And Workplace Wellness: Where To Draw The Line On Incentives"
Story reprinted by NPR; ABC News; Albuquerque Journal; Kaiser Health News
September 6, 2018 , Advisory Board
"Workplace wellness programs don't work, a new study suggests. So why did past research show otherwise?"
September 3, 2018, Insight, by Neil Franklin
"Workplace wellness programmes may be a waste of time and money, study concludes"
August 30, 2018, Daily Illini, by Julie Rose
"Workplace wellness study makes strides"
August 23, 2018, Workforce, by Andie Burjek
"Workplace Wellness Programs: Different Research, Different Results"
August 23, 2018,, by Suzanne Lucas
"Randomized-Controlled Study: Wellness Programs Don't Work"
August 23, 2018, The British Psychological Society Research Digest, by Alex Fradera
"First randomised-controlled trial of an employee Wellness Programme suggests they are a waste of money"
August 14, 2018, Bloomberg Opinion, by Faye Flam
"Workplace Wellness Programs Correlate With Wellness"
August 9, 2018,, by Michael Joyce
"Do workplace wellness programs work? A unique study does much more than offer a possible answer"
August 1, 2018, Chief Executive, Laura Putnam
"How You Can Make Workplace Wellness Work"
July 18, 2018, MarketWatch, by Kari Paul
"All those aerobic and meditation classes may not boost company morale - or profit"
July 12, 2018, NewsTribune, by Jeff Dankert
"Are workplace wellness programs worth it?"
June 28, 2018, Benefits Pro, by Michael Popke
"The EEOC isn't taking action on wellness regulations, but employers certainly can"
May 3, 2018, Fierce Healthcare, Tina Reed
"Survey: More workplaces are expanding definition of wellness programs"
March 21, 2018, Wellable
"Podcast: The Illinois Workplace Welness Study on Effects of Wellness Programs"
March 16, 2018, Colorado Public Radio, by John Daley
"The Next Step In Workplace Wellness Lets Employees Shape A Healthy Culture"
March 6, 2018, Balloon Juice, by David Anderson
"Wellness programs and the West Virginia Teacher's strike"
February 23, 2018, American Journal of Managed Care, by Kaitlynn Ely
"Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs Attract Already Fit and Healthy Individuals"
February 21, 2018, McKnight's Senior Living, by Lois Bowers
"Intended benefits of workplace wellness plans appear elusive"
February 21, 2018, Human Resource Executive, by Tom Starner
"Workplace Wellness Worries"
Story reprinted by HRM Asia
Febraury 19, 2018, BenefitsPRO, by Mike Lamb
"Is workplace wellness worth the effort?"
February 15, 2018, Club Industry, by Pamela Kufahl
"Study Sheds Doubt on First-Year Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs"
February 14, 2018, The Calgary Eyeopener, by David Gray
"The Illinois Workplace Wellness Study"
February 6, 2018, Human Resource Executive, by Carol Harnett
"Wellness Programs On Trial"
February 6, 2018, Ladders, by Monica Torres
"Study: Workplace wellness programs do not save employees money or make them healthier"
February 6, 2018, FierceHealthcare, by Paige Minemyer
"Wellness programs may not pay immediate dividends"
February 5, 2018, Society for Human Resource Management, Stephen Miller
"Does a New Study Underestimate Wellness Programs?"
February 1, 2018, New York Times, by Margot Sanger-Katz
"Employer Health Insurance: Often-Hated, Sometimes Pioneering, and Now on Amazon's Radar"
February 1, 2018,, by Jennifer Carsen
"Are Workplace Wellness Programs a Waste of Time and Money?"
January 30, 2018, WCIA, By Aaron Eades
"UI study suggests workplace health programs ineffective"
January 30, 2018, Health News Illinois, By Tim Stumm
"Study Finds Little Benefit From Workplace Wellness Programs"
Story reprinted by
January 29, 2018, Wellable
"Study: Average Health Care Spenders More Likely to Participate in Wellness Programs"
January 26, 2018, WBUR, By Carey Goldberg
"Study Finds Virtually Zero Benefit From Workplace Wellness Program In 1st Year"
January 26, 2018, The World Bank: Development Impact, By David McKenzie
"Weekly links January 26: learn to machine learn, that wellness program might only help with your multiple testing correction, working beats saving, and more..."
January 25, 2018, BenefitsPRO, By Emily Payne
"Wellness Programs Good For Recruitment, Not So Much For Medical Savings"
January 24, 2018, PLANSPONSOR, By Rebecca Moore
"A Different Goal for Employers to Offer Wellness Programs"
January 24, 2018, HR Dive, By Valerie Bolden-Barrett
"Study: Wellness programs may not lower medical costs, improve behaviors"
Story reprinted by PS News
January 23, 2018, Politico Morning Shift, By Ted Hesson
"The NBER released a study examining whether workplace wellness programs lowered medical expenditures for companies"
January 23, 2018, Politico Morning Health, By Mohana Ravindranath
"Well, well, well"