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"The Inpatient Minimum Datasets contain cost, statistical, financial, and other information from the Medicare Hospital Cost Report. The datasets include only the most current cost report (as submitted, final settled, or reopened) submitted for a Medicare-certified hospital by the Medicare fiscal intermediary to HCFA. These datasets are updated at the end of each calendar quarter and are available on the last day of the following month."

"The Capital Datasets contain selected data for capital-related costs, interest expense and related information, and complete balance sheet data from the Medicare Hospital Cost Report."

"The Outpatient Datasets contain Part B Medicare cost and charges by cost center from the Medicare Hospital Cost Report."

Quotes are from "Data Users Reference Guide". U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Care Financing Administration, Bureau of Data Management and Strategy. September 1995.

Updates and changes

Prospective Payment System (PPS)
File Fiscal Year Manual Begin Date End Date

Layout and Tables

Ebcdic Data

Stata Data

SAS Data

SAS Prog

TEFRA 1983 2552-83 1982-10-01 1983-09-30



tefra tefra


PPS I Minimum 1984 possibly 2552-84 1983-10-01 1984-09-30


PPS II Minimum 1985 probably 2552-85 1984-10-01 1985-09-30


min2 min2 min2
PPS III Minimum 1986 2552-85 1985-10-01 1986-09-30 min3 min3 min3
PPS IV Minimum 1987 1986-10-01 1987-09-30


min4 min4 min4
PPS V Minimum 1988 1987-10-01 1988-09-30


min5 min5 min5
PPS VI Minimum 1989 2552-85 and 2552-89 1988-10-01 1989-09-30


min6 min6 min6
PPS VII Minimum 1990 2552-89 1989-10-01 1990-09-30


min7 min7 min7
PPS VIII Minimum 1991 1990-10-01 1991-09-30 min8 min8 min8
PPS XIX Minimum 1992 2552-92 1991-10-01 1992-09-30 min9-10.pdf

covr9-12.pdf tbl9-12.pdf

min9 min9 min9
PPS X Minimum 1993 1992-10-01 1993-09-30 min10 min10 min10
PPS XI Minimum 1994 1993-10-01 1994-09-30 min9-12.pdf min11 min11 min11
PPS XII Minimum 1995 1994-10-01 1995-09-30 min12 min12 min12
PPS XIII Minimum 1996 2552-96 1995-10-01 1996-09-30 min13-15.pdf

covr13-15.wpd tbl13-15.wpd

min13 min13a min13b min13
PPS XIV Minimum 1997 1996-10-01 1997-09-30 min14 min14a min14b min14
PPS XV Minimum 1998 1997-10-01 1998-09-30 min15 min15a min15b min15
PPS XVI Minimum 1999 1998-10-01 1999-09-30 min16.xls

covr16.wpd tbl16.doc

min16 min16a min16b min16
PPS II Part B 1985 possibly 2552-85 1984-10-01 1985-09-30




PPS III Part B 1986 1985-10-01 1986-09-30 3b
PPS IV Part B 1987 1986-10-01 1987-09-30 4b
PPS V Part B 1988 1987-10-01 1988-09-30 5b
PPS VI Part B 1989 2552-85 and 2552-89 1988-10-01 1989-09-30


PPS VII Part B 1990 2552-89 1989-10-01 1990-09-30


PPS VIII Part B 1991 1990-10-01 1991-09-30 8b
PPS IV Capital 1987 DK 1986-10-01 1987-09-30



sample program

PPS V Capital 1988 1987-10-01 1988-09-30 5cap
PPS VI Capital 1989 1988-10-01 1989-09-30 6cap
PPS VII Capital 1990 1989-10-01 1990-09-30 7cap
PPS VIII Capital 1991 1990-10-01 1991-09-30 8cap

* -- TEFRA stands for Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act. This 1982 act defines the primary and secondary coverage responsibilities of the Medicare program and also the provisions to be used by health plans in their contracts with the HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration).

The most up-to-date hospital data for fiscal year 1996 on is the Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) data. PPS 16 / fiscal year 1999 is the last year hospital data was released in PPS format. Means and Frequencies of these files are available. The Stata files were created via Stat/Transfer. Stat/Transfer imposed a limit of 2,047 variables. So, the files were split into two pieces. The medicare provider number, f1, is in both datasets.

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