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Hannah J. Acheson-Field, RAND Corporation
Andrew Austin, Congressional Research Service
Jennifer Beckman, International Monetary Fund
Niloy Bose, Virginia Tech
Peter Brady, Investment Company Institute
Ike Brannon, Capital Policy Analytics
Edith Brashares, Department of the Treasury
David Brazell, Department of the Treasury
Lucia Buono, International Monetary Fund
David Cashin, Federal Reserve Board
Lilia Chaidez, General Accounting Office
Chia Chang, Joint Committee on Taxation
Sharmila Choudhury, Congressional Research Service
James Cilke, Joint Committee on Taxation
Alan Cohen, Senate Finance Committee
Adam Cole, Department of the Treasury
Catherine Crato, Department of the Treasury
Patricia Davis, Congressional Research Service
Tim Dowd, Joint Committee on Taxation
Patrick Driessen, Half Retired
Alex J. Durante, Tax Foundation
Erin E. Ferris, Federal Reserve Board
Glenn Follette, Federal Reserve Board
Jonathan Forman, University of Oklahoma
Vanessa Forsberg, Congressional Research Service
Chloe Gagin, Internal Revenue Service
Brian Galle, Georgetown University
Yi Geng, Government of the District of Columbia
Robert Gillette, Department of the Treasury
Stephen Goss, Social Security Administration
George Guttman, Government Accountability Office
Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong, National Science Foundation
Bilal Habib, Congressional Budget Office
Sameh Habib, Joint Committee on Taxation
Keith Hall, Congressional Budget Office
Joseph Hancuch, Department of the Treasury
Zheli He, University of Pennsylvania
Elayne J. Heisler, Congressional Research Service
Bobby Hodges, Internal Revenue Service
Janet Holtzblatt, Tax Policy Center
Gillian Hunter, Department of the Treasury
Sebastian James, The World Bank
Scott Jaquette, Department of the Treasury
Ben Klemens, Department of the Treasury
Laura Konda, Department of the Treasury
Sally Kwak, Joint Committee on Taxation
Joseph LeCates, Joint Committee on Taxation
Junghoon Lee, Congressional Budget Office
Greg Leiserson, Council of Economic Advisers
Allen Lerman, retired
LeAnn Luna, University of Tennessee
Jamie McGuire, Joint Committee on Taxation
Thomas Miller, American Enterprise Institute
Shannon Mok, Congressional Budget Office
Rachel Moore, Joint Committee on Taxation
Edward Nannenhorn, Government Accountability Office
Narine Nersesyan, International Monetary Fund
Michael O'Neill, Government Accountability Office
Bianca Onwukwe, Department of the Treasury
Victoria I. Osorio, University of Pennsylvania
Jose Oyola, Government Accountability Office
Brandon Pecoraro, Joint Committee on Taxation
John Ricco, University of Pennsylvania
Zachary Richards, Joint Committee on Taxation
Joe Rosenberg, Congressional Budget Office
Carmen Sánchez Cumming, Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Molly Saunders-Scott, Congressional Budget Office
Donald F. Schneider, Cornerstone Macro
Jason Seligman, Investment Company Institute
Jennifer Shand, Congressional Budget Office
Maxim Shvedov, AARP
Naveen Singhal, Congressional Budget Office
Stacy Sneeringer, Department of the Treasury
Ellen Steele, Congressional Budget Office
Jamie Taber, Office of Management and Budget
Michael E. Weber, Internal Revenue Service
Joann M. Weiner, George Washington University
Gal Wettstein, Boston College
Arlynn Q. White, Department of the Treasury
Elwood White, Government Accountability Office
Jim Williamson, Congressional Budget Office
Jeffrey Wrase, Senate Finance Committee
Lin Xu, Joint Committee on Taxation
Erica York, Tax Foundation

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