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Yeganeh Alimohammadi, Stanford University
Nick Arnosti, University of Minnesota
Lawrence Ausubel, University of Maryland
Elizabeth C. Baldwin, University of Oxford
Oleg V. Baranov, University of Colorado, Boulder
Martin Bichler, Technical University of Munich
Emmanuele Bobbio, Bank of Italy
Simon M. Brandkamp, University of Cologne
Gianluca Brero, Harvard University
Ozan Candogan, University of Chicago
Francisco Castro, University of California, Los Angeles
Ettore Damiano, University of Toronto
David Delacretaz, University of Oxford
Nikhil Devanur, Amazon
Omer Edhan, University of Manchester
Aytek Erdil, University of Cambridge
Ron Harstad, University of Missouri
Ravi Jagadeesan, Stanford University
Yash Kanoria, Columbia University
Onur Kesten, University of Sydney
Bettina Klaus, University of Lausanne
Flip Klijn, Institute for Economic Analysis
Dorothea Kübler, WZB
Jeongmin (Mina) Lee, Washington University in St. Louis
Jacob D. Leshno, University of Chicago
Fei Li, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Hongyao Ma, Columbia University
Mohammad Mahdian, Google Research
David Malec, University of Maryland
Antonio Miralles, Universita' degli Studi di Messina
Herve Moulin, University of Glasgow
Noam Nisan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mariann Ollar, University of Edinburgh
David Pennock, Microsoft Research
Marek Pycia, University of Zurich
Pengyu Qian, Purdue University
Daniel Quint, University of Wisconsin
Marzena Rostek, University of Wisconsin- Madison
David M. Rothschild, Microsoft Research
Maher Said, New York University
James Schummer, Northwestern University
Sven Seuken, University of Zurich
Kentaro Tomoeda, University of Technology Sydney
Rakesh Vohra, University of Pennsylvania
Xintong Wang, Harvard University
Mitchell Watt, Stanford University
Alexander Westkamp, University of Cologne
Robert Wilson, Stanford University
Chiwei Yan, University of Washington
Ji Hee Yoon, University College London

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