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Bronson Argyle, Brigham Young University
Elena Asparouhova, University of Utah
Jennie Bai, Georgetown University and NBER
Ravi Bansal, Duke University and NBER
Suleyman Basak, London Business School
Francesca Bastianello, University of Chicago
Daniel Bergstresser, Brandeis University
Francesco Bianchi, Johns Hopkins University and NBER
Michael W. Brandt, Duke University
Greg Buchak, Stanford University
David Chapman, University of Virginia
Hui Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
João F. Cocco, London Business School
Pierre Collin-Dufresne, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Eduardo Dávila, Yale University and NBER
Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania and NBER
Alexander Dyck, University of Toronto
Mark L. Egan, Harvard University and NBER
Emily Falk, University of Pennsylvania
Paul Fontanier, Yale University
Nicolae B. Gârleanu, Washington University in St. Louis and NBER
Shan Ge, New York University
Thomas J. Gilbert, University of Washington
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Yale University and NBER
Francisco Gomes, London Business School
Niels Joachim Gormsen, University of Chicago and NBER
Daniel D. Graves, Yale University
Jill Grennan, University of California, Berkeley
Valentin Haddad, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Benjamin M. Hébert, Stanford University and NBER
Sean Higgins, Northwestern University
Laurie Hodrick, Columbia University
Robert J. Hodrick, Columbia University and NBER
Allen Hu, Yale University
Benjamin Iverson, Brigham Young University
Ravi Jagannathan, Northwestern University and NBER
Zhengyang Jiang, Northwestern University and NBER
Ankit Kalda, Indiana University
Ron Kaniel, University of Rochester
Steven N. Kaplan, University of Chicago and NBER
Bryan T. Kelly, Yale University and NBER
Elisabeth Kempf, Harvard University and NBER
Péter Kondor, London School of Economics
Lars-Alexander Kuehn, Carnegie Mellon University
Howard Kung, London Business School
Spencer Yongwook Kwon, Brown University
Rafael La Porta, Brown University and NBER
Toomas Laarits, New York University
Jonathan Lewellen, Dartmouth College and NBER
Gen Li, University of British Columbia
Dmitry Livdan, University of California, Berkeley
Sydney C. Ludvigson, New York University and NBER
Hanno Lustig, Stanford University and NBER
Angela T. Ma, Harvard University
Sai Ma, Federal Reserve Board
Song Ma, Yale University and NBER
Peter Maxted, University of California, Berkeley
Rajnish Mehra, Arizona State University and NBER
Indrajit Mitra, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Pooya Molavi, Northwestern University
Alan Moreira, University of Rochester and NBER
Ted O'Donoghue, Cornell University
Sangmin Oh, University of Chicago
Daniel Paravisini, London School of Economics
Jonathan A. Parker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Anna Pavlova, London Business School
Mitchell A. Petersen, Northwestern University and NBER
Carolin Pflueger, University of Chicago and NBER
Gordon M. Phillips, Dartmouth College and NBER
S. Abraham (Avri) Ravid, Yeshiva University
Robert J. Richmond, New York University and NBER
Claudia Robles Garcia, Stanford University
Marco C. Sammon, Harvard University
Martin C. Schmalz, University of Oxford
Paul Schmidt-Engelbertz, Yale University
Eduardo S. Schwartz, University of California, Los Angeles and NBER
Berk Sensoy, Vanderbilt University
Jinfei Sheng, University of California, Irvine
Clemens Sialm, University of Texas at Austin and NBER
Kenneth J. Singleton, Stanford University and NBER
Amir Sufi, University of Chicago and NBER
Abigail Sussman, University of Chicago
Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, Northwestern University
Johnny Tang, Cornell University
Sheri Tice, Tulane University
Margarita Tsoutsoura, Washington University in St. Louis and NBER
Joao Paulo Valente, Yale University
Kaushik Vasudevan, Purdue University
Dimitri Vayanos, London School of Economics and NBER
Andrea Vedolin, Boston University and NBER
Luis M. Viceira, Harvard University and NBER
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, Federal Reserve Board and NBER
Olivier Wang, New York University
Emily Williams, Harvard University
Tianhao Wu, Yale University
Motohiro Yogo, Princeton University and NBER
Scott E. Yonker, Cornell University
Kevin Zhao, Office of Financial Research

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In addition to working papers, the NBER disseminates affiliates’ latest findings through a range of free periodicals — the NBER Reporter, the NBER Digest, the Bulletin on Retirement and Disability, the Bulletin on Health, and the Bulletin on Entrepreneurship — as well as online conference reports, video lectures, and interviews.

15th Annual Feldstein Lecture, Mario Draghi, "The Next Flight of the Bumblebee: The Path to Common Fiscal Policy in the Eurozone cover slide
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Dr. Mario Draghi, who served as President of the European Central Bank and Prime Minister of Italy, presented the 2023...
2023 Methods Lectures, Jesse Shapiro and Liyang (Sophie) Sun, "Linear Panel Event Studies" Primary tabs
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Overview: Linear panel event studies are increasingly used to estimate and plot causal effects of changes in policies...
2023, SI Economics of Social Security, Panel Discussion, "Long-Term Dynamics of the Employment-to-Population Ratio" Primary tabs
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Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Lynde and Harry Bradley...