NBER-IFS International Network on the Value of Medical Research

Research Agenda

The link between the inputs and ultimate outputs of the research process is complex. Consider just a few examples on which there is already existing related research in the broad area of medical research:    more/less

In all these areas there is more that can be known, the existing results and findings can be brought together, and there is also a need for sharing of information across fields and disciplines with regard to the theoretical and empirical methodologies that are currently applied.

Other relevant questions have received less attention. For example, depending on the availability of data and suitably analytical models, further questions might relate to:    more/less

White Papers on the Value of Medical Research

Health Research and Inequalities in Health
Thomas Minten

Regulations and Data Sources on Pediatric Clinical Studies in the United States and European Union
Ljubica Ristovska

Where are All the Scientists? Resources for Studying the Long-Term Careers of STEM Ph.D.s
Stephanie D. Cheng

Measuring the Value of Firm-level Innovation in the Medical Device Industry
Alexander Everhart

Identifying Medical Reversals: An Introduction to a New Area of Study
Hannah Bolder

Industry, Universities, and Intellectual Property
Charu Gupta

Replicability in Clinical Research
Katherine Lofgren

Measuring Innovation in Science
Wei Yang Tham

Medical Knowledge Synthesis: A Brief Overview
Maryaline Catillon

Pharmaceutical Line Extensions in the United States: A Primer on
De finitions and Incentives

Annabelle C. Fowler

The Direction of Biomedical Science
Kyle R. Myers

Novelty in Drug Innovation
Joshua Krieger, Danielle Li, and Dimitris Papanikolaou

Pharmaceutical Regulation and Off-Label Uses
Jennifer Kao

Sources of Outcomes for Health Research: How Useful Are Clinical Trial Results?
Rebecca McKibbin

Where Is the Good Stuff? Drug Quality Measures and Economic Research
Josh Feng and Luca Maini

Measuring Individuals Valuation of Health Care: Labour Market Perspective
Paul Rodriguez-Lesmes


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