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Nuruddin Ahmed, University of Western Ontario
Adam Baybutt, UCLA
Maxime Bonelli, HEC Paris
Aditya Chaudhry, University of Chicago
Ruyu Chen, Cornell University
Lingwei Cheng, Carnegie Mellon University
Caroline Chin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vinod Dharmarajan, University of Washington
Valeria Fedyk, London Business School
Mohsen Foroughifar, University of Toronto
Jeffrey Fossett, Harvard University
Laura V. Gati, Boston College
Philip Hanspach, European University Institute
Sebastian Heinrich, KOF Swiss Economic Institute
Nathaniel Hendrix, Harvard University
Jihoon Hong, University of Southern California
Yikun Jiang, University of California at Berkeley
Sukhun Kang, London Business School
Anthi Kiouka, University of Lausanne
Christopher König, LMU Munich
Nils Haakon Lehr, Boston University
Yangfan Liang, Carnegie Mellon University
Yi Liu, University of Pennsylvania
Beyers Louw, Maastricht University
Jino Lu, University of Southern California
Wei Lu, University of Toronto
Kian Lua, Virginia Tech
Anparasan Mahalingam, Purdue University
Emaad Manzoor, Carnegie Mellon University
Ilan Morgenstern, Stanford University
Christina Nguyen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Patryk Perkowski, Columbia Business School
Ashley Pople, University of Oxford
Xincheng Qiu, University of Pennsylvania
Junjun Quan, Columbia University
Verina Que, University of Toronto
Suproteem K. Sarkar, Harvard University
Bryan Seegmiller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mateo Seré, University of Antwerp
Luoyexin Annie Shi, Washington University
Katsiaryna Siamionava, Georgia State University
Deepti Sikri, University at Abany
Sonal Srivastava, University of Cambridge
Pranav M. Subramaniam, University of Chicago
Weilong Wang, Purdue University
Amy Wickett, Harvard University
Nataliya L. Wright, Harvard University
Boya Xu, Duke University
Haiyue Yu, Princeton University
Walter W. Zhang, University of Chicago
Bo Zheng, Syracuse University
Hannan Zheng, Boston University
Jingtao Zheng, University of Chicago
Levin L. Zhu, Duke University

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