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Ghazala Azmat, Sciences Po
Carl Beck, NBER
Gregory Bruich, Harvard University
Peter I. Buerhaus, Montana State University
Paul J. Burkander, Mathematica Policy Research
Tim Callan, ESRI
Anthony Cheng, Social Security Administration
Egon Cholakian, Columbia University
Kathleen Christensen, Stanford University
Luke Y.W. Chu, Victoria University of Wellington
Chien Chia Chuang, United BioSource Corporation
Max Crowley, Pennsylvania State University
Miguel Defigueiredo, University of Connecticut
Sanjay Deshmukh, DePaul University
Sandro Dez-Amigo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nadja Dwenger, University of Hohenheim
Bernd Fitzenberger, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
Nickolay M. Gantchev, University of Warwick
Claudine M. Gartenberg, University of Pennsylvania
Yehonatan Givati, Harvard University
Stephen Goss, Social Security Administration
Michael Guttentag, Loyola Law School - Los Angeles
Steve Harriman
Denis Healy, National Bureau of Economic Research
Paul Heidhues, European School of Management and Technology
Vivian Ho, Rice University
Kelly Horak, National Bureau of Economic Research
Lindsay Jacobs, University of Wisconsin
Iris Kesternich, Ludwig-Maximilians-University
Melanie Khamis, Wesleyan University
Yevgeniy Kirpichevsky, Institute for Defense Analysis
Jacob Klerman, Abt Associates
Alex Lee, University of Southern California
Alterra Milone, NBER
Ferran Elias Moreno, Columbia University
Hannah Neprash, University of Minnesota
Plamen Nikolov, SUNY Binghamton
Jia Ning, Central University of Finance and Economics
Amanda Norton, University of Chicago
Ioana M. Petrescu, Harvard University
Mohan Ramanujan, National Bureau of Economic Research
Gwendolyn Reynolds
Jean Roth
Sanchari Roy, Kings College London
Janet Stein, NBER
Joan Stillwell, NBER
Joshua Teitelbaum, Georgetown University
Shqiponje Telhaj, London School of Economics
David Warsh, Economic Principals
Sarit Weisburd, Tel Aviv University
Kevin M. Williams, Occidental College
Jin Xu, Purdue University
Jun Yang, Indiana University
Donna Zerwitz, National Bureau of Economic Research
Andrew Zuppann, University of Houston
Clara M. Zverina, Harvard University

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