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Christopher Adams, Congressional Budget Office
Jeffrey Alexander, SRI International
Anwar Aridi, George Washington University
Suresh Balakrishnan, University System of Maryland
Mark Boroush, National Science Foundation
David Brazell, Department of the Treasury
Elias Carayannis, George Washington University
Julie Carlson, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
David Cheney, SRI International
Rafael Corredoira, Ohio State University
Francesco Di Lorenzo, Georgetown University
Jamillia Ferris, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Kevin Finneran, "Issues in Science & Technology"
Jihane Guidy, National Endowment for the Arts
Ravi Gupta, The World Bank
James Hansley, Hansley Associates, Inc.
Robert Hershey, Robert L. Hershey, P.E.
Derek Hill, National Science Foundation
John Jankowski, Social Security Administration
Elizabeth Jex, Federal Trade Commission
Richard Johnson, Global Helix LLC
Gary Jones, Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer
James Kadtke, National Nanotechnology Coordinating Office
Audrey Kindlon, National Science Foundation
Evgeny Klochikhin, American Institutes for Research
Anne Marie Knott, Washington University in St. Louis
Tim Kochanski, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Christine Kymn, Small Business Administration
Bhavya Lal, Science and Technology Policy Institute
Richard Lempert, University of Michigan
Thomas Lenard, Technology Policy Institute
Stephen Merrill, Duke University
Jeffrey D. Mervis, "Science Magazine"
Jacqueline Meszaros, National Science Foundation
Peter Meyer, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Julia Milton, Consortium of Social Science Associations
Nathan Musick, Congressional Budget Office
Bonnie Nichols, National Endowment for the Arts
Jason O'Connor, Federal Trade Commission
Shaaretha Pelly, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Jay Pendarvis, Sequoia Holdings
Jonathan Porat, Small Business Administration
Makul Ranjan, National Institutes of Health
Liz Reynolds, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael Richey, Scineer Scientific Engineering LLC
Juan Riveros, Quadrant Economics LLC
Sally Rood, National Governors Association
Neil Ruiz, Pew Research Center
Akbar Sadeghi, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Joshua Sarnoff, DePaul University
David Schimmelpfennig, Department of Agriculture
Johanna Schneider, National Institutes of Health
James A. Schuttinga, National Institutes of Health
Miriam Segal, Small Business Administration
Morten Seja, The World Bank
Chad Shirley, Congressional Budget Office
Randolph Sim, Georgetown University
Donald Spicer, University System of Maryland
Claudia Stevenson, Inter-American Development Bank
Miron Straf, Virginia Tech
Ryan Taylor, Small Business Administration
Asrat Tesfayesus, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Joseph Teter, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Constantin van Oranje, StartupDelta
Karen Villatoro, Small Business Administration
Philip Webre, Congressional Budget Office
Nathan Wilson, Federal Trade Commission
Sheryl Winston Smith, BI Norwegian Business School
Timothy Wojan, National Science Foundation

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