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Tanweer Akram, General Motors
Kevin C. Ankney, Georgetown University
Mona Asudegi, Department of Transportation
Sam Bailey, USDA Economic Research Service
Lauren Beatty, University of Maryland
Ted Boll, Department of Transportation
Madhur Boloor, Department of Energy
Valentin Bolotnyy, Stanford University
Margaret Brissenden, Harvard University
Elaine Buckberg, General Motors
Matthew Butner, Institute for Policy Integrity, NYU
Diana Gehlhaus Carew, RAND Corporation
Qianmiao Chen, University of California at Berkeley
Tony Choi, U.S. Department of Transportation
Michelle Connolly, Duke University
Ross Crichton, Department of Transportation
Doug Criscitello, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Edward Davenport
Yael Elster, University of Haifa
Daniel Felsenstein, Hebrew University
John Firth, University of Notre Dame
Timothy Fitzgerald, Texas Tech University
Felix L. Friedt, Macalester College
Dong Fu, Exxon Mobil Corporation
Diana Furchtgott-Roth, George Washington University
Julian A. Gomez-Gelvez, University of Maryland
Tracy Gordon, The Urban Institute
DJ Gribbin, Madrus, LLC
Ali Gungor, Federal Aviation Administration
Jiemin Guo, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Katy Hansen, Duke University
Gloria Helfand
John P. Helveston, George Washington University
Rachel Hernandez, Office of Management and Budget
Chris Holt, University of Maryland
Parastoo Jabbari, University of Washington
David R. Keith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joseph Kile, Congressional Budget Office
Mina Kim, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Dan Kraynak, University of Maryland
Therese Langer, ACEEE
Stephanie Lawrence, U.S. Department of Transportation
Daniel Leff Yaffe, University of California at San Diego
Paul Leiby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Berin Linfors, Department of the Census
Arthur Lupia, University of Michigan
David Luskin, Department of Transportation
Petr Martynov, University of California at Berkeley
Marquise J. McGraw, American University
Adam Millard-Ball, University of California Los Angeles
Alejandro Molnar, The World Bank
Mauricio Moreira, Inter-American Development Bank
Rachel Nealer, U.S. Department of Energy
Zachary A. Needell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Charles E. Noble, University of Minnesota
Alex Perrault, University of Maryland
Joann Peterson, United States International Trade Commission
Don Pickrell, Department of Transportation
Steven Pierson, American Statistical Association
Natalie Popovich, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Natasha Rodgers, Department of Transportation
Erick Sager, Federal Reserve Board
Michael C. Sargent, Madrus, LLC
Ian Savage, Northwestern University
David Schleicher, Yale University
Jonathan B. Scott, Binghamton University
Marc M. Sebrechts, National Science Foundation
Tomas Serebrisky, Inter-American Development Bank
Michael Shelby, Office of Transportation and Air Quality
Karen Shen, Harvard University
Yu Shi, International Monetary Fund
Mark Steinmeyer, Smith Richardson Foundation
Anjana Susarla, Michigan State University
Catherine Taylor, U.S. Department of Transportation
Darren Timothy, Department of Transportation
Valentin Vulov, Department of Transportation
Benjamin Wache, Vrije UniversiteitAmsterdam
Jacob Ward, Department of Energy
Ermias Weldemicael, U.S. Department of Transportation
Harrison Wheeler, University of California at Berkeley
Bingxin Yu, Department of Transportation
Michael Yu, Johns Hopkins University
Mary Zimmerman, Department of Transportation



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