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Pia Andres, London School of Economics
Sarah C. Armitage, Harvard University
Megan R. Bailey, University of Calgary
Severin Borenstein, University of California, Berkeley and NBER
Leon Bremer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
April Burrage, University of Massachusetts
Raphael Calel, Georgetown University
Cuicui Chen, State University of New York at Albany
Thomas R. Covert, University of Chicago and NBER
Jackson Dorsey, Indiana University
Eugenie Dugoua, London School of Economics
Marion Dumas, London School of Economics
Carolyn Fischer, The World Bank
Timothy Fitzgerald, Texas Tech University
Todd Gerarden, Cornell University
Hamed Ghoddusi, California Polytechnic State University
Kenneth Gillingham, Yale University and NBER
Anna Goldstein, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Myriam Gregoire-Zawilski, Syracuse University
David Hemous, University of Zurich
Wesley Howden, University of Arizona
Mark R. Jacobsen, University of California, San Diego and NBER
Adam B. Jaffe, Brandeis University and NBER
Kaleb K. Javier, Stanford University
Sarah Johnston, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nick Johnstone, International Energy Agency
Benjamin Jones, Northwestern University and NBER
Lynne Kiesling, Carnegie Mellon University
A. Justin Kirkpatrick, Michigan State University
Ashley Langer, University of Arizona and NBER
Derek Lemoine, University of Arizona and NBER
Erin T. Mansur, Dartmouth College and NBER
Guillermo Marshall, University of British Columbia
Charles Mason, University of Wyoming
Robyn Meeks, Duke University
Evan Michelson, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Joelle Noailly, Graduate Institute Geneva
Laura Nowzohour, Graduate Institute Geneva
Jacquelyn Pless, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Popp, Syracuse University and NBER
Katalin Springel, HEC Montreal
Sugandha Srivastav, University of Oxford
Scott Stern, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
James H. Stock, Harvard University and NBER
Richard Sweeney, Boston College
Matthias van den Heuvel, École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
Zhenxuan Wang, Duke University
Jun Wong, University of Chicago
Yichen Christy Zhou, Clemson University

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