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Anna Airoldi, New York University
Ryan T. Allen, Harvard University
Julian Tszkin Chan, Bates White Economic Consulting
Qingqing Chen, University of Pennsylvania
Ruyu Chen, Stanford University
Edmund Clark, Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Jack A. Clark, OpenAI
Hélène Desmarais, University of Montreal
Luise Eisfeld, Toulouse School of Economics
Mohsen Foroughifar, University of Toronto
Ramin Forouzandeh, University of Toronto
Raffi Garcia, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Laura V. Gati, European Central Bank
Marzyeh Ghassemi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Daniel Goetz, University of Toronto
Samuel Goldberg, Northwestern University
Zheng Gong, University of Toronto
Gillian Hadfield, University of Toronto
Abraham Heifets, Atomwise, Inc.
Ariel Herbert-Voss, Harvard University
Geoffrey Hinton, University of Toronto
Mitsuru Igami, Yale University
Moein Javadian, University of Toronto
Genevieve Jurvetson, Fetcher
Steve Jurvetson, Future Ventures
Zafer Kanik
Ritt Keerati, Columbia University
Timo Klein, University of Amsterdam
Samsun Knight, Brown University
Rahul Ladhania, University of Pennsylvania
Benjamin Larsen, Copenhagen Business School
Shannon X. Liu, University of Toronto
Bowen Lou, University of Pennsylvania
Wei Lu, University of Toronto
David Madras, University of Toronto
Gosia Majewska, Toulouse School of Economics
Juan C. Mateos-Garcia, Nesta
Jeanine Miklos-Thal, University of Rochester
Alex Moehring, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Felix S. Montag, LMU Munich
Georgios Petropoulos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tomi Poutanen, Layer 6
Karthik Rajkumar, Stanford University
Amir Sariri, University of Toronto
Scott D. Schanke, University of Minnesota
Hammad Shaikh, University of Toronto
Rahul Singh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rahul P. Sinha, Greater Greater Washington
Katherine A. Stapleton, University of Oxford
Shibin Tang, University of Toronto
Eray Turkel, Stanford University
Alicia von Schenk, Goethe University Frankfurt
Ruoxi Xie, University of Toronto
Masahiro Yoshida, Washington University in St. Louis
Huiyan Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University
Weifeng Zhong, Mercatus Center at George Mason University

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