Affiliates' Research in Medical Journals, Fall 2019


Many NBER-affiliated researchers publish some of their findings in medical and other journals that preclude pre-publication distribution. This makes it impossible to include these papers in the NBER working paper series. This is a partial listing of recent papers in this category by NBER affiliates in the Health Economics, Health Care, and Aging Programs.

Regression to the Mean in the Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
Joshi S, Nuckols T, Escarce J, Huckfeldt P, Popescu I, Sood N. JAMA Internal Medicine 179(9), June 2019, pp. 1167–1173.


Accuracy of Valuations of Surgical Procedures in the Medicare Fee Schedule
Chan DC, Huynh J, Studdert DM. New England Journal of Medicine, 380(16), April 18 2019, pp. 1546–1554.

Access to Care among Medicaid and Uninsured Patients in Community Health Centers after the Affordable Care Act
Seo V, Baggett TP, Thorndike AN, Hull P, Hsu J, Newhouse JP, Fung V. BMC Health Services Research 19(1), May 2019, article # 291.

USA Aid Policy and Induced Abortion in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Analysis of the Mexico City Policy
Brooks N, Bendavid E, Miller G. The Lancet Global Health, 7(8), June 2019, E1046–E1053.

Association of Marijuana Laws with Teen Marijuana Use: New Estimates from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveys
Anderson DM, Hansen B, Rees DI, Sabia JJ. JAMA Pediatrics, 173(9), July 2019, pp. 879–881.


Cost of Dementia in Medicare Managed Care: A Systematic Literature Review
Fishman P, Coe NB, White L, Crane PK, Park S, Ingraham B, Larson EB. American Journal of Managed Care 25(8), August 2019, pp. e247–e253.


Small-for-Gestational Age Birth Confers Similar Educational Performance through Middle School
Murthy K, Karbownik K, Garfield CF, Falciglia GH, Roth J, Figlio DN. The Journal of Pediatrics 212, September 2019, pp. 159–165.e7.


Gentrification and the Health of Low-Income Children in New York City
Dragan KL, Ellen IG, Glied SA. Health Affairs 38(9), September 2019, pp.1425–1432.


Spending on Postacute Care After Hospitalization in Commercial Insurance and Medicare Around Age Sixty-Five
Regenbogen SE, Cain-Nielsen AH, Syrjamaki JD, Chen LM, Norton EC. Health Affairs 38(9), September 2019, pp. 1505–1513.


Toward a Corporate Culture of Health: Results of a National Survey
Kyle MA, Seegars L, Benson JM, Blendon RJ, Huckman RS, Singer SJ. The Milbank Quarterly, September 2019.


Analysis of State-Level Drug Pricing Transparency Laws in the United States
Ryan MS, Sood N. JAMA Network Open 2(9), September 2019, e1912104.