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    The Adoption of Offset Presses in the Daily Newspaper Industry in the United States
    David Genesove
    NBER Working Paper 7076

    Do Stock Price Movements Reveal Profit Dissipation: An Investigation of the Gold Mining Industry
    Joseph Farrell and Severin Borenstein
    NBER Working Paper 7075

    Displaced Capital
    Valerie Ramey and Matthew Shapiro
    NBER Working Paper 6775

    The Last American Shoe Manufacturers: Changing the Method of Pay to Survive Foreign Competition
    Richard Freeman and Morris Kleiner
    NBER Working Paper 6750

    Proofs and Prototypes for Sale: The Tale of University Licensing
    Richard Jensen and Marie Thursby
    NBER Working Paper 6698

    Environmental Regulation and Productivity: Evidence From Oil Refineries
    Eli Berman and Linda T. Bui
    NBER Working Paper 6676

    The Pay to Performance Incentives of Executive Stock Options
    Brian Hall
    NBER Working Paper 6674

    The Institutional Context and Manufacturing Performance: The Case of the U.S. Defense Industrial Network
    Cynthia Cook and Maryellen Kelley
    NBER Working Paper 6460

    The Introduction of Pharmaceutical Product Patents in India: "Heartless Exploitation of the Poor and Suffering"?
    Jean O. Lanjouw
    NBER Working Paper 6366

    Capturing Technological Opportunity via Japan's Star Scientists: Evidence from Japanese Firms' Biotech Patents and Products
    Michael Darby and Lynne Zucker
    NBER Working Paper 6360

    Are CEO's Really Paid Like Bureaucrats?
    Brian J. Hall and Jeffrey B. Liebman
    NBER Working Paper 6213

    Skill-Biased Technical Change
    Eli Berman, John Bound and Stephen Machin
    NBER Working Paper 6166

    Effects of Air Quality Regulations on Decisions of Firms in Polluting Industries
    Randy Becker and J. Vernon Henderson
    NBER Working Paper 6160

    Rational Atrophy: The U.S. Steel Industry
    Aaron Tornell
    NBER Working Paper 6084

    Japanese Research Consortia: A Microeconomic Analysis of Industrial Policy
    Lee Branstetter and Mariko Sakakibara
    NBER Working Paper 6066

    Evidence from Patents and Patent Citations on the Impact of NASA and other Federal Labs on Commercial Innovation
    Bruce Banks, Michael Fogarty and Adam B. Jaffe
    NBER Working Paper 6044

    Environmental Regulation, Investment Timing and Technology Choice
    Wayne Gray and Ronald J. Shadbegian
    NBER Working Paper 6036

    Complementarity and Cost Reduction: Evidence form the Auto Supply Industry
    Susan Helper
    NBER Working Paper 6033

    Public-Private Interaction and the Productivity of Pharmaceutical Research
    Iain Cockburn and Rebecca Henderson
    NBER Working Paper 6018

    The Control of Strategic Alliances: An Empirical Analysis of Biotechnology Collaborations
    Joshua Lerner and Robert P. Merges
    NBER Working Paper 6014

    A Clinical Exploration of Value Creation and Destruction in Acquisitions: Organization Design, Incentives & Internal Capital Markets
    Steven Kaplan, Mark Mitchell and Karen Wruck
    NBER Working Paper 5999

    Consolidation in the Medical Care Market Place: A Case Study From Massachusetts
    Jason Barro and David Cutler
    NBER Working Paper 5957

    The Myth of the Patient Japanese: Corporate Myopia and Financial Distress in Japan and the US
    Brian J. Hall and David E. Weinstein
    NBER Working Paper 5818

    Environmental Change and Hedonic Cost Functions for Automobiles
    Steven Berry, Samuel Kortum and Ariel Pakes
    NBER Working Paper 5746

    Performance Pay and Productivity
    Edward Lazear
    NBER Working Paper 5672

    Computer Use and Productivity Growth in Federal Government Agencies, 1987 to 1992
    William Lehr and Frank Lichtenberg
    NBER Working Paper 5616

    Other papers

    Links to the following papers will be provided as they become available

    Why has the Employment-Productivity tradeoff among Industrialized Countries been so strong?
    Paul Beaudry, Fabrice Collard

    Changes in US Wages 1976-2000: Ongoing Skill Bias or Major Technological Change?
    Paul Baeudry and David Green

    Information, Decisions, and Productivity On Board computers and Capacity Utilization in Trucking
    Thomas N. Hubbard

    Patent and International Knowledge Flow: The Cases of Korea and Taiwan
    Albert G. Z Hu, Adam B. Jaffe

    Opportunity Counts: Teams and the Effectiveness of Production Incentives
    Brent Boning, Casey Ichniowski, Kathryn Shaw

    Directed Technical Change
    Daron Acemoglu

    Comparative Localization of Academic and Industrial Spillovers
    James D. Adams

    When Is U.S. Bank Lending to Emerging Markets Volatile?
    Linda S. Goldberg

    Cross-Country Technology Diffusion: The Case of Computers
    Francesco Caselli and Wilbur John Coleman II

    Alternative Methods for Measuring Productivity Growth
    William D. Nordhous

    New Data and Output Concepts for Understanding Productivity Trends
    William D. Nordhous

    Productivity Growth and the New Economy
    William D. Nordhous

    The Regulation of Entry
    Simeon Djankov, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez de Silanes, and Andrei Shleifer

    The Influence of Federal Laboratory R&D on Industrial Research
    James D. Adams, Eric P. Chiang, Jeffrey L. Jensen

    Introduction to AEA Papers
    Martin Feldstein

    Commercial Activity in the Ivory Tower: Propensity and Productivity
    Jerry G. Thursby and Marie C. Thursby

    Who Benefits Most From Employee Involvement: Firms or Workers?
    Richard B. Freeman and Morris M. Kleiner

    Is Cost Cutting Evidence of X-inefficiency?
    Severin Borenstein and Joseph Farrell

    Knowledge Spillovers and Patent Citations: Evidence from a Survey of Inventors
    Adam B. Jaffe, Manuel Trajtenberg, Michael S. Fogarty

    Economists and Field Research: "You Can Observe a Lot Just by Watching
    Susan Helper

    Social Capital and Organizational Change in High-Involvement and Traditional Work Organizations
    Jon Gant, Casey Ichniowski, and Kathryn Shaw

    Productivity in the Canadian Banking Industry
    Ann P. Bartel

    Productivity in the U.S. Auto Industry: Evidence from Multiple Perspectives
    James Levinsohn

    Workforce Integration and the Dissipation of Value in Mergers: The Case of USAir's Acquisition of Piedmont Aviation
    Stacey Kole and Kenneth Lehn
    This paper is a chapter in Mergers and Productivity, edited by Steven N. Kaplan

    Paths to Creating Value in Pharmaceutical Mergers
    William Long and David Ravenscraft
    This paper is a chapter in Mergers and Productivity, edited by Steven N. Kaplan

    Is the Bank Merger Wave of the 1990's Efficient?
    Charles Calomiris and Jason Karceski
    This paper is a chapter in Mergers and Productivity, edited by Steven N. Kaplan

    The Eclipse of the U.S. Tire Industry
    Raghuram Rajan, Luigi Zingales and Paolo Volpin
    This paper is a chapter in Mergers and Productivity, edited by Steven N. Kaplan

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