Zhuang Hao

School of Economics and Management
Beihang University
Beijing, 100191

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Institutional Affiliation: Beihang University School of Economics and Management

NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2020Medicaid Expansion and the Mental Health of College Students
with Benjamin W. Cowan: w27306
Reported mental health problems have risen dramatically among U.S. college students over time, as has treatment for these problems. An open question is how healthcare access affects diagnosis of mental illness and treatments such as prescription psychotropic medication use. We examine the effect of state-level Medicaid expansion following the 2014 implementation of the Affordable Care Act on the diagnosis of mental health conditions and psychotropic prescription drug use of a national sample of college students. We find that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to report being on public insurance after 2014 in expansion states relative to non-expansion states, while more advantaged students do not see this increase. Both diagnosis of common mental health conditions and p...
September 2017The Effects of Graduation Requirements on Risky Health Behaviors of High School Students
with Benjamin W. Cowan: w23803
Previous studies have shown that years of formal schooling attained affects health behaviors, but little is known about how the stringency of academic programs affects such behaviors, especially among youth. Using national survey data from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS), we study the effects of mathematics and science high-school graduation requirements (HSGR) on high school students’ risky health behaviors--specifically on drinking, smoking, and marijuana use. We find that an increase in mathematics and science HSGR has significant negative impacts on alcohol consumption among high-school students, especially males and non-white students. The effects of math and science HSGR on smoking and marijuana use are also negative but generally less precisely estimated. Our resu...

Published: Zhuang Hao & Benjamin W. Cowan, 2019. "The Effects of Graduation Requirements on Risky Health Behaviors of High School Students," American Journal of Health Economics, vol 5(1), pages 97-125.

May 2017The Cross-Border Spillover Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization
with Benjamin Cowan: w23426
We examine the spillover effects of recreational marijuana legalization (RML) in Colorado and Washington on neighboring states. We find that RML causes a sharp increase in marijuana possession arrests in border counties of neighboring states relative to non-border counties in these states. RML has no impact on juvenile marijuana possession arrests but is rather fully concentrated among adults. Using separate data on self-reported marijuana use, we show this is accompanied by an increase in use in neighboring states relative to non-neighboring states. We do not find conclusive evidence that marijuana sale/manufacture arrests, DUI arrests, or opium/cocaine possession arrests in border states are affected by RML.

Published: Zhuang Hao & Benjamin W. Cowan, 2020. "THE CROSS‐BORDER SPILLOVER EFFECTS OF RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION," Economic Inquiry, vol 58(2), pages 642-666.

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