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NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2018Debt Traps? Market Vendors and Moneylender Debt in India and the Philippines
with Dean Karlan, Benjamin N. Roth: w24272
February 2017Human Decisions and Machine Predictions
with Jon Kleinberg, Himabindu Lakkaraju, Jure Leskovec, Jens Ludwig: w23180
May 2015Thinking, Fast and Slow? Some Field Experiments to Reduce Crime and Dropout in Chicago
with Sara B. Heller, Anuj K. Shah, Jonathan Guryan, Jens Ludwig, Harold A. Pollack: w21178

Forthcoming in the Quarterly Journal of Economics citation courtesy of

May 2014Contract Farming and Agricultural Productivity in Western Kenya
with Lorenzo Casaburi, Michael Kremer
in African Successes, Volume IV: Sustainable Growth, Sebastian Edwards, Simon Johnson, and David N. Weil, editors
May 2013Framing Lifetime Income
with Jeffrey R. Brown, Jeffrey R. Kling, Marian V. Wrobel: w19063

Published: Framing Lifetime Income Jeffrey R. Brown, Jeffrey R. Kling, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Marian V. Wrobel The Journal of Retirement Summer 2013, Vol. 1, No. 1: pp. 27-37 DOI: 10.3905/jor.2013.1.1.027 Framing Lifetime Income

October 2012Behavioral Hazard in Health Insurance
with Katherine Baicker, Joshua Schwartzstein: w18468

Published: Behavioral Hazard in Health Insurance* Katherine Baicker Harvard University Sendhil Mullainathan Harvard University Joshua Schwartzstein The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2015) doi: 10.1093/qje/qjv029 First published online: July 15, 2015 citation courtesy of

September 2012Learning Through Noticing: Theory and Experimental Evidence in Farming
with Rema Hanna, Joshua Schwartzstein: w18401

Published: Learning Through Noticing: Theory and Experimental Evidence in Farming* Rema Hanna Harvard University, NBER and BREAD Sendhil Mullainathan Harvard University and BREAD Joshua Schwartzstein The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2014) doi: 10.1093/qje/qju015 First published online: June 9, 2014

April 2012Energy Policy with Externalities and Internalities
with Hunt Allcott, Dmitry Taubinsky: w17977

Allcott, Hunt, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Dmitry Taubinsky (Forthcoming). “Energy Policy with Externalities and Internalities.” Journal of Public Economics. Volume 112, April 2014, Pages 72–88

with Abhijit Banerjee, Rema Hanna: w17968

Published: “Corruption,” (with Rema Hanna and Sendhil Mullainathan), The Handbook of Organizational Economics. Ed. Robert Gibbons and John Roberts. Princeton University Press, 1109-­‐1147, 2012.

March 2012The Market for Financial Advice: An Audit Study
with Markus Noeth, Antoinette Schoar: w17929
September 2011Comparison Friction: Experimental Evidence from Medicare Drug Plans
with Jeffrey R. Kling, Eldar Shafir, Lee Vermeulen, Marian Wrobel: w17410

Published: Quarterly Journal of Economics, 127:1 (February 2012), 199-235. citation courtesy of

May 2011Mechanism Experiments and Policy Evaluations
with Jens Ludwig, Jeffrey R. Kling: w17062

Published: Jens Ludwig & Jeffrey R. Kling & Sendhil Mullainathan, 2011. "Mechanism Experiments and Policy Evaluations," Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Association, vol. 25(3), pages 17-38, Summer. citation courtesy of

July 2010Getting to the Top of Mind: How Reminders Increase Saving
with Dean Karlan, Margaret McConnell, Jonathan Zinman: w16205


May 2010Does Less Market Entry Regulation Generate More Entrepreneurs? Evidence from a Regulatory Reform in Peru
with Philipp Schnabl
in International Differences in Entrepreneurship, Josh Lerner and Antoinette Schoar, editors
The Shape of Temptation: Implications for the Economic Lives of the Poor
with Abhijit Banerjee: w15973
September 2009Behavioral Economics and Tax Policy
with William Congdon, Jeffrey R. Kling: w15328

Published: National Tax Journal, 62:3 (September 2009), 375-386. citation courtesy of

April 2008Affirmative Action in Education: Evidence From Engineering College Admissions in India
with Marianne Bertrand, Rema Hanna: w13926

Published: Bertrand, Marianne & Hanna, Rema & Mullainathan, Sendhil, 2010. "Affirmative action in education: Evidence from engineering college admissions in India," Journal of Public Economics, Elsevier, vol. 94(1-2), pages 16-29, February. citation courtesy of

January 2008Why Don't People Insure Late Life Consumption: A Framing Explanation of the Under-Annuitization Puzzle
with Jeffrey R. Brown, Jeffrey R. Kling, Marian V. Wrobel: w13748

Published: Jeffrey R. Brown & Jeffrey R. Kling & Sendhil Mullainathan & Marian V. Wrobel, 2008. "Why Don’t People Insure Late-Life Consumption? A Framing Explanation of the Under-Annuitization Puzzle," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 98(2), pages 304-09, May. citation courtesy of

December 2006Coarse Thinking and Persuasion
with Joshua Schwartzstein, Andrei Shleifer: w12720

Published: Sendhil Mullainathan & Joshua Schwartzstein & Andrei Shleifer, 2008. "Coarse Thinking and Persuasion," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press, vol. 123(2), pages 577-619, 05. citation courtesy of

June 2006Does Corruption Produce Unsafe Drivers?
with Marianne Bertrand, Simeon Djankov, Rema Hanna: w12274

Published: Bertrand, Marianne, Simeon Djankov, Rema Hanna and Sendhil Mullainathan. “Obtaining a Driving License in India: An Experimental Approach to Studying Corruption." Quarterly Journal of Economics (November 2007). citation courtesy of

January 2006Sticking with Your Vote: Cognitive Dissonance and Voting
with Ebonya Washington: w11910

Published: Sendhil Mullainathan & Ebonya Washington, 2009. "Sticking with Your Vote: Cognitive Dissonance and Political Attitudes," American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, American Economic Association, vol. 1(1), pages 86-111, January. citation courtesy of

December 2005What's Psychology Worth? A Field Experiment in the Consumer Credit Market
with Marianne Bertrand, Dean Karlin, Eldar Shafir, Jonathan Zinman: w11892
Persuasion in Finance
with Andrei Shleifer: w11838
February 2005Profitable Investments or Dissipated Cash? Evidence on the Investment-Cash Flow Relationship From Oil and Gas Lease Bidding
with Marianne Bertrand: w11126
July 2003Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination
with Marianne Bertrand: w9873

Published: Bertrand, Marianne and Sendhil Mullainathan. "Are Emily And Greg More Employable Than Lakisha And Jamal? A Field Experiment On Labor Market Discrimination," American Economic Review, 2004, v94(4,Sep), 991-1013. citation courtesy of

October 2002Media Bias
with Andrei Shleifer: w9295

Published: Sendhil Mullainathan & Andrei Shleifer, 2005. "The Market for News," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 95(4), pages 1031-1053, September. citation courtesy of

April 2002Do Cigarette Taxes Make Smokers Happier?
with Jonathan Gruber: w8872


March 2002How Much Should We Trust Differences-in-Differences Estimates?
with Marianne Bertrand, Esther Duflo: w8841

Published: Marianne Bertrand & Esther Duflo & Sendhil Mullainathan, 2004. "How Much Should We Trust Differences-in-Differences Estimates?," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press, vol. 119(1), pages 249-275, February. citation courtesy of

October 2000Behavioral Economics
with Richard H. Thaler: w7948

Published: International Encyclopedia of SocialSciences, Pergamon Press, 1st edition, October 1, 2001: 1094-1100.

Ferreting Out Tunneling: An Application to Indian Business Groups
with Marianne Bertrand, Paras Mehta: w7952

Published: Marianne Bertrand & Paras Mehta & Sendhil Mullainathan, 2002. "Ferreting Out Tunneling: An Application To Indian Business Groups," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press, vol. 117(1), pages 121-148, February. citation courtesy of

March 2000Do CEOs Set Their Own Pay? The Ones Without Principals Do
with Marianne Bertrand: w7604

Published: Bertrand, Marianne and Sendhil Mullainathan. "Are CEOs Rewarded For Luck? The Ones Without Principles Are," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2001, v116(3,Aug), 901-932.

Public Policy and Extended Families: Evidence from South Africa
with Marianne Bertrand, Douglas Miller: w7594

Published: Marianne Bertrand & Sendhil Mullainathan & Douglas Miller, 2003. "Public Policy and Extended Families: Evidence from Pensions in South Africa," World Bank Economic Review, Oxford University Press, vol. 17(1), pages 27-50, June. citation courtesy of

December 1998Executive Compensation and Incentives: The Impact of Takeover Legislation
with Marianne Bertrand: w6830
Network Effects and Welfare Cultures
with Marianne Bertrand, Erzo F.P. Luttmer: w6832

Published: Bertrand, Marianne, Erzo F. P. Luttmer and Sendhil Mullainathan. "Network Effects And Welfare Cultures," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2000, v115(3,Aug), 1019-1055. citation courtesy of

November 1998Is There Discretion in Wage Setting? A Test Using Takeover Legislation
with Marianne Bertrand: w6807

Published: RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 30, no. 3 (Autumn 1999): 535-554. citation courtesy of

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